Allow alt accounts, but with rules (rules reform)

Here is the suggested change for the rules:

Multiple Accounts

Multiple accounts, or alt accounts, are allowed. However, they may not be used to:

  • Evade a ban.
  • Obtain double voting rewards.
  • Abuse in-game exploits.
  • Abuse any other Dark-Gaming or Trading system exploits.

This would allow less of a headache for staff and players having a sibling or another account for testing purposes (or staff for secret alts to monitor players).
Currently, siblings accounts are allowed, actual alts are not. One can easily abuss the original rule and say it is a sibling’s when it is not.

The server’s current economy setup makes it hard for this to be possible. There’d be more exploits allowing it than completely banning it. Furthermore, staff members can tell whether one person has two accounts or it’s two people on different accounts.