AisinGioro WuDi's Ban appeal

[Q1] Provide the Ban link or if none, the reason

[Q2] Did you break the rules knowingly?

[Q3] Do you think your Ban was fair? If not, please provide a reason.
Yes on your pov, because it count as a modfied client.

[Q4] Why should we unban you?

I think my modofied client does not give player a benefit over others during games. The reason I wrote this bot is to automatically send off warn messages towards the players with improper messages so I don’t need to pause my fight in PvP (and to show off). I know I am not a helper and does not plan to become a helper yet (but who knows), but this bot is not intended to break any rules. After all, it is indeed a modified client as it accesses functions and reads data from the game. If you think my bot is a problem, I will not use it. : )


OK this has been for a while. I got a reply tho, saying you(Rofle) had assigned this to yourself. Nice. Better than my last appeal.

Seems like you are ignoring my dms and previous appeal. This is your server, and I broke your rules. I don’t want to wast your time and your life reading another appeal or waste another piece of memory on this forum. Also looks awkward when a person writes 3 ban appeals and have all three being ignored.

Im curious why you hide all comments from others, too, doesnt seem like the case on most other appeals (but who knows), even other folks being banned for modified clients had their fairly judged reply. I, too, just want some sort of reply that tells me the result, or your expectations on me. I would be happy if you can tell me the purpose of ignoring me (like letting me have an introspection or I have lied on my ban appeal). Perhaps not because you are busy since it looks like you have read and responded to most, if not all, of other appeals later then mine, and someone told me that (s)he got his/her dm with your reply on discord almost instantly. But it is disrespectful if I judge the moral by my evil.

I have read other ban links and saw some sort of “no ban appeals will be accepted” (sadly I didn’t save that link), but I didn’t see it appear on my ban link so I’d assume I still have some hope on comming back to DG, so I will still wait.

Once again, I had not and will not use any robots or plugins on this server that gives me an advantages over others aka hacks (although I had the thought of writting a PvP robot that I can play with when on one is at PvP. I was even day dreaming that DG will add a dimension for it). After all, it seems like we have different standards on modified clients. I indeed did not expect being banned for a robot that warns player for inappropriate chat messages. Perhaps I am banned for something else then? Hopefully not because I wont have arguments and evidence to defend myself.

Hopefully you won’t hide this comment like you did before, and (hopefully) thank you for reading my poor English. It indeed took me some time to write this. Nice essay to begin my college life tho. I am moving to another state soon to begin studying CS in college, meaning my IP will change. I don’t want to bypass my ban, whether you believe it or not. But I will move is a fact.

I do not want this sound like I am judging you, but I do want an reply since I care about this result. I wanted to write more, but it is just a cruel and unusual punishment for the reader. And I do not want to waste your time any more.

Thank you.

AisinGioro WuDi


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