AI-Summarized: Dark Gaming Server Rules

These are not the rules. The real rules are at Dark Gaming - Terraria Server Rules . (Summarized via GPT-3)

Section 0

These rules outline what is not permitted in the community. The rules may not be used to counter subversive or malicious behavior, but bans may be created if warnings have been conveyed and such behavior is causing trouble. Proof of rule breakage is only required in the case of grief. All members are accountable for their own actions, except managers with direct orders to subvert a specific rule. Any actions that go against other users and ruin their experience may result in a ban. Warnings by non-staff members do not count towards any ban requirements. Aiding someone in breaking the rules is forbidden and will result in a ban.

Section 1

These are chat rules for a Terraria server. Spam is not allowed, including excessive use of caps or single-word acronyms/emoticons. Racism, discrimination, profanity, divisive discussions, and impersonation are all banned. Non-English languages are not allowed in public chat, and usernames must follow the rules. Advertising foreign IP addresses or domains is forbidden, but advertising well-known domains like YouTube is allowed. Finally, subverting any filters in place will result in a ban.

Section 2

The text discusses griefing in a gaming context, where it refers to the unauthorized removal or addition of blocks to another player’s structure. It is a punishable offense that can result in a permanent ban. The use of protective measures is irrelevant in cases of grief, as it is a clear violation of the rules. Mass griefing, or destroying multiple structures, is also not tolerated, and the player would require an excellent reason to be unbanned. Small griefing of 0-15 blocks is not bannable, but the player will receive a warning.

Section 3

The text pertains to PvP in a gaming context. Players are prohibited from using commands not intended for PvP, such as “/buildmode,” which could result in a change of groups to prevent further abuse. Certain commands like “/buff,” “/heal,” and “/tp” are allowed but have specific restrictions. Prefixing items like ammo and armor through the “/i” command is permitted. Shooting through walls, unintentionally or otherwise, is allowed. Teaming up with players in PvP requires agreement from all online players. Finally, players are not allowed to leave and rejoin PvP repeatedly to avoid death, and doing so could result in up to two warnings or a ban.

Section 4

The text pertains to PvE in a gaming context. Most commands are permitted, except for certain ones such as “/buff” and “/permabuff,” which cannot be used for certain buffs. Players are not allowed to tell others to stay away or leave an area where bosses are spawned.

Section 5

Section 5 of the text discusses hacking and exploits in a gaming context. The use of modified clients or third-party programs that deviate gameplay from the original is forbidden. Exploits, or unintended behavior of the game, are also prohibited. The use of hoiks is an exception to the rule. The text also explains the reason for certain items being banned, such as the Christmas Hook causing severe client lag.

Section 6

Section 6 of the rules outlines the guidelines for building in the game. Buildings related to racism, religion, sexuality, or advertising are not allowed and will be removed without warning. Further actions may be taken if the builder shows no reluctance to stop. Placing or destroying blocks randomly around the world is considered griefing and is not allowed. Players who engage in this behavior will face consequences similar to actual griefing.

Section 7

In Section 7, the rules regarding accounts are outlined. It is not allowed to have multiple accounts, and violators will be banned. Accounts may be suspended if there is abnormal usage, and users are not allowed to share their accounts with others without permission. If someone is using your account without your permission, you should notify an Admin and change your password. Accounts will not be deleted unless deemed necessary by Staff.

Section 8

In section 8, it is stated that boosting, or intentionally gaining XP through unfair means, is forbidden. Exploiting bugs and abusing commands obtained through the trading system is also prohibited and can lead to account suspension or ban. It is also recommended to report problems instead of abusing them.

Section 9

Section 9 outlines rules specific to the different GameModes in Terraria. Rule #1 forbids cheating items into a class-enabled lobby, while Rule #2 prohibits interference with other people’s lobbies during a battle. Rule #3 forbids the use of exploits, while Rule #4 warns against being AFK during a lobby without the consent of other players. Finally, Rule #5 outlines that certain commands such as /buff and /permabuff are not permitted in GameModes.

Section 10

This section outlines rules for the Survival mode in the game. It prohibits scamming, limits the use of certain commands, forbids keeping illegitimate item drops, requires appropriate control of statue spawns, and disallows boss fights at spawn areas. It also clarifies ownership of claimed areas and warns against violating the rules, with possible consequences of warnings, kicks, or bans. Additionally, it notes that players cannot claim ownership of mobs or item drops, and provides a sidenote on violating S0#4 by following and sabotaging other players’ experiences.


One abbreviation is OK acc. to S1#3

S1#8 says it is allowed to use non-English languages but not speaking English cannot be used as an excuse to break rules.

S1#10 - Saying version numbers is also OK.

S5#2 says using exploits is forbidden as you cannot make an exploit free program.


Thank you weird Al for summarizing the rules