AFK Timer/alert

So, when someone is AFK for more than 5 minutes, a message will appear in chat saying:

playerName is now AFK.

Similarly, when they move from non-damage, non-player-interaction involved (including digging down, conveyors), a message will appear in chat:

playerName is no longer AFK.

This would be best for people who are AFK and do not want people saying “why u no respond” when they are AFK.
If a person is in the PvP, PvE, or Zombies dimensions, they will teleported to the center spawn (PvE its the spanw area, PvP is the safe zone, and Zombies is intermission area, once moving again they get teleported to their position if they are not dead)

we had that exact system back at rencorner (the server I was moderator at). I definitely liked that, so I’ll vote.


For all of the dimensions you mentioned here except PvP it makes no sense to simply teleport afk players elsewhere when being idle in those dimensions is strictly an obstacle for others. Boss HP scales in PvE and Survival(not mentioned here) based on the number of players in that dimension, and AFK’ing in zombies lobbies is against the rules.

Rather than telling people these afk players are idle and making things harder than need to be for others, if this suggestion were to go through they should be kicked after a certain amount of time has passed instead.


I thought of that too as well, but if you had to run errands and had an AFK farm or had to sleep in survival, you could have people not talk to you directly because you were afk.


I did not know that lol


This is easily clarified by telling others you are going to be afk/idle before you do so. LIkewise, it’s not hard to infer someone is not there if they do not respond to you/aren’t moving.


I think that macros can be used to bypass the AFK Timer/alert but that would be an exploit


this is a bump and also adding onto this:
yeah, but of you were in survival at a farm, afk timer or just going for irl stuff and forgetting to turn off the game would be beneficial
also some places (like zombies, PVP, or pve) should just kick you to rift
why did it say girls stuff lmao
that could have been bad