Adjust the anti-cheat measures

There could be other maps too where this is possible, but especially in one of mine, Mystic Library, if you get later tiers of Orange Zapinator where its base damage increases, its DPS and sometimes those lucky shots where damage gets multiplied by 10 cause the game to freeze you thinking you are cheating. Could there possibly be done something about this?

I also have this thought about the matter, but you might not find it as appealing. I think removing completely the specific anti-cheat that monitors unusual damage output in short time would work best because there have not been hackers in zombies that use that kind of hack, they are always using god mode, but this is my personal thought and solution.

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Or, simply put, remove the zapinators and replace them with something else that isnt buggy! Its quite a simple fix, unless the maps arent being worked on any longer…


I kinda like having the Orange Zapinator in the map, also the damage numbers aren’t that high in a consistent rate (cuz yes, zapinator stuff) so I believe removing it is unnecessary, but it can pose a problem later in the game, though not many reach there and barely anyone uses the Orange Zapinator. I think this instance has happened in other maps too by the way, I am simply giving an example here.


maybe rob could whitelist certain weapons, like the 2 zapinators


The upper limit is 6000 damage. Don’t add weapons that exceed it. It’s too complicated to add whitelists/blacklists right now