Add a Training Dummy and Custom Bosses/Mobs on Sitems

Ive been playing on Sitems have a time and would be nice if there was something to test my modified weapons, like we dont want to test our weps always on players, would be nice if there was something to test our sitems.

By adding custom mobs/bosses, is basically mobs/bosses that we can control the defense, speed, damage, attack speed and other things. Would be a great feature to the Sitems dimension (this if possible). I suggest making an alternative dimension for the SBosses/Mobs, so dont have issues with the players near OR making a mode that you enable to dissapear the players, making the place like the Items Dimension (everything as far as possible).

A training dummy would be nice too, once, a glitched training dummy spawned on my Sitems dimension, i tested and worked good, and i didnt crash. So i think adding a training dummy dont do anything bad or any type of crash.

(Excuse if my english is bad) but thats it, thanks for reading.

Or this could just remain as a seperate suggestion to add in bosses to sitems for testing

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Btw is TARGET DUMMY, excuse tho.


I think it’s a good separate suggestion becauase it expands on the idea of a test object