Add a "Scoreboard" in survival

I’ve had this idea for a while so I am now posting it here.
I have the idea of adding a scoreboard into survival. Similar to how the one in zombies works where you see your ability, point amount, etc.
My idea is to add this into survival whenever a boss spawns that displays health left. If possible I want to incorporate a ranking system. It will track how much dmg you have done to the boss alive and give you a placement depending on how much dmg other players did. This could also allow for the ability to gain dp in survival. The higher you place, the more dp you get.

I believe that this is highly possible, as I have seen other terraria servers with this feature, where it is what TheLorde123321 explained it, It would be interesting to gain DP from simply playing on the survival dimension, as most survival players tend to lose a pretty big amount of DP from the gradual drain implemented. But I would find this quite exploitable, as in the endgame with weapons like the Zenith and the Last Prism, people can easily obliterate any bosses, gaining a bunch of DP from simply farming bosses with easily farmable summons, example, Golem and the mech bosses. So I would recommend putting a limit on how much you can gain every few hours or so.


This is the exact same system Pedguin’s Minigames Server has for their Survival.


I didn’t know that. I’ve rarely been on Pedguin’s server and am not sure if they have forums or not


Essentially, Pedguin’s Minigame Server has a HUD that displays boss health to the top right of the screen.

Each player is ranked by how much damage they deal to the boss.

After a boss is defeated for the first time, each player is rewarded an amount of PP according to the amount of damage they have dealt - the one dealing the most damage getting the most PP.

Partly because of this system, Survival on that server is one of the more popular gamemodes, because it is relatively easy to obtain a lot of PP compared to the other gamemodes.


I’m fairly surprised you brought this Suggestion without knowing this.

Convergent thinking is not something I’d expect to see. . .


This is more in-line with how I expect the basic DP rewards will work, but not according to the damage dealt. It will just be when the player themselves first defeats each boss per cycle (but probably some minimum damage required to count it). DP rewards are likely to only come out when the pay per use stuff is coming out.

And I’m not sure the top-right text is necessary (and also doesn’t work on mobile). It could just show this information when the boss is defeated, say a top three (and your rank if you’re not in the top three) in the chat. That’s definitely simpler to make.


Pedguin’s Survival has this:
It has a dynamic list displaying the top three (and your rank if you are not in the top three) in the HUD.
After a boss is defeated, this is reiterated as a message in chat.


I’m going to take this suggestion as adding a scoreboard that shows player contributions. I’ve added this to the chat when a boss is defeated. Further additions on that can be entered as new suggestions.


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