Accidental build collision while mining area for new zombies map

I have started minimg out room for a new zombies map at approximately 2940, 640 and made sure I didn’t break any foreign builds when I mine straight to see what room I can use. That area I marked with asphalt. While digging out the area inside the asphalt rectangle I used shine potion and the mining helmet shine.

Only after digging thoroughly I saw some rather buried and small builds. Where I collided a bit (e. g. a small part of the upper left part of the very left building) I immediately replaced it that it isn’t griefing.

Because I want to assure if it is ok to build my zombie map I’d like to contact the owners of the following buildings (from left to right):

  • POOP SOCK text made of diamond gemspark blocks
  • a small Greek style pillar made out of mudstone bricks
  • the letter Y made out of diamond gemspark bricks
  • Some gargoyle statues

Because I cannot do /worldhistory I cannot know who the owner of those buildings is and as they are rather small I thought, they can be maybe moved / broken if their owners agree (if they are even active).

If I did an error let me know. If that happens to be griefing, I didn’t do with malicious intent and will apologize. The buildings I discovered only while freeing out an area.


RIP Glasia June 03 2021 - Mar 01 2022 (if that was griefing) But as I said, I saw a “unoccupied area” but then I discovered those small builds (the red build at the bottom is where I was 100% sure below there it is occupied).


Here are the builds I mean


So I was digging-up, trying to look for precedents regard griefing, and here’s what I found:

In your case, it seems breaking those micro-builds would be considered griefing if you don’t have the express permission of the builders or staff.

Note that these quotes were made in March and April of 2021.

It’d also behoove you to read this:


I just wait for staff response because I don’t even know if the owners of those buildings still play on the server regularly or respond on questions.

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I didn’t break them, just mined around so that I don’t break until a permission arrives.

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