Accessory Problems With Zombies

Bug :

When I buy the max amount of accessories then I throw them away, the game still thinks I have those accessories and stops me from buying more.

Evidence :
I clearly have no accessories.

Quick Fix :

Right now if you buy an accessory, a variable increases by one. If you remove the accessory, the variable stays the same. (Or at least that’s what I think is happening) Instead, if you remove any item from an accessory slot, it should find the item and the chest that it came from and decrease the variable for that chest.

Extra Info :

  • PC or Mobile
  • Happens in Zombies
  • My in-game account name is yems
  • Happens every time

Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t this an old problem?
If I’m correct, isn’t this more akin to a suggestion? (although I understand why it’s posted under bugs)


Ok, no and no


Yup, afaik this mechanic would’ve existed since that existed (around 2015-2016)