[Accepted]App For helper 2-25-14

OK here goes :slight_smile:

Q1)- My in game name is Swaggy with a nickname of Swagalicious given to me by Box.

Q2)- On weekdays I can be on anywhere from 4:00 to 9:00 EST depending on homework and dinner. On weekends I’m usually on in the morning and the afternoon (I can be gone for yard work occasionally, especially in the summer).

Q3)-I enjoy bettering the experience of new players to the game. I have been in their position before and I know how it feels to be ignored by staff. Overall I like being staff as I feel that I have a piece of responsibility to attend to and not ignore. PS- A certain someone has requested that I become a helper so that was also a factor.

Q4)-Priority is number one when you hold a seat of importance. I do not dally when it comes to people in need. People with legitimate questions and problems are not to be dealt with like a joke. They may be asking an obvious question but the reason they’re asking it is because they don’t understand. Not everyone is a genius and may need help with something they are not familiar with.

Q5)- I am very familiar with the wiki and I can figure something out if I don’t know it at the time. I am familiar with the signup process which is probably the most asked about problem there is on the server.

Q6)- My name is John Baldwin (my nickname is jasper) and I was born in Littlehampton, West Sussex in the UK. When I was 3 My parents moved to South Carolina for a great job offer. Sometimes I like to pretend I still live in England and sadly my accent is starting to wear away. I’m 16 and I major in Bio-medical Engineering. I have about half a year of staff experience from a fairly large minecraft server I used to serve on. I wish I had found Terraria sooner. I love the game and wish I could play it more.

Welp, that’s about it I guess. I know it’s a little early but I love the server and the current staff. Thanks guys


Well done, The format seems to be correct, spelling and grammar are well done. I may sound picky, but adding commas and other punctuation could help this flow, but overall, this is well done. I have seen you out and about on the server, and I believe you deserve this. +1 Good luck Swaggy! I’m glad you managed to make a new thread with this and remove it from the other app, well done. I made the same mistake as a newbie xD

Thanks a lot chaos! The constructive criticism helps. :slight_smile:

That’s what I try for :3 I don’t mean to ever be mean ha-ha, just for future reference is all, it may help you in the long run

This is…
A great application! Good spelling and grammer I hope to see you as helper in game! +1

Thanks for the support m8!

Swaggy’s mean

what was your name? Sorry m8 I was probably afk.

I will be forwarding you to the testing phase, conducted by me, Please be aware that the results of this testing will trump any and all +1s your recieve this is to make sure you are actively answering questions as a Crew member. Please do not assume others will answer the questions and you can just slack off, I want you to race to be the one to answer it. I will not tell you when your tests will begin or end. Best of luck to you.

OK we’ll Im off for the night now so

I’ll have to wait till tomm.

I have seen you on the server and you seem pretty helper good app +1 it would be nice to have some more helpers but remember helpers are their to help not just build and be lazy and ignore people who ask questions I so far haven’t seen you do that which is why you deserve this +1. Good luck!

Hey Swaggy it’s Legoman! You did nice job with the app!! Also you deserve this! +1

Thanks guys :slight_smile: It means alot

You deserve this m8. +1. Gööd luck.

Swaggy, you’re very helpful and friendly and you deserve this. +1 (From Tip btw) :smiley:

Love the app. Very long. +1

6 +1’s so far :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks guys. To be honest I thought it wasn’t long enough XD.

Really? Mine was shorter. :stuck_out_tongue:

+1 this app is amazing I think you deserve this job btw my app was shorter also