[Accepted] zoe's ban appeal

1- dark-gaming.com/ban/3388 (Illegitimate items in survival)

2- no I myself didn’t break the rules but I knew that for not getting rid of the items was breaking the rules

3- the ban was a little unfair since I was given the items and told that they have been acquired by playing, not hacking

4- you should unban me because, I wasn’t giving myself items, but I was given them and using them. I will re-read the rules and report anyone who isn’t following them

thanks for listening, zoe

Blanc does not have access to his PC for a while, and so has asked me to handle this appeal on his behalf.

Is this not contradictory? “I didn’t break the rules, but I know I broke the rules.” Or do you just mean that you knew that rule was in place but didn’t realize you were breaking it, as you were unaware that the items were illegitimately obtained? Either way, so long as you understand what the rule is, it doesn’t really matter.

It is unfortunate that you were lied to. Normally the items would’ve just been removed, but the mod felt that the appeal process was needed for further clarification, as you were not online at the time of the ban, meaning there was no way to know if you were the hacker, or even aware that the items were hacked.

[quote=cats] I will re-read the rules and report anyone who isn’t following them[/quote] Excellent.


you did not lock this

I wouldn’t need to if someone (no names) wouldn’t reply to it without reason.