[Accepted] unban

i was banned because i took 338 blocks for people’s creations. i was banned about 4 days ago. i have been banned for about 4 days. i was banned outside of terraria server, when i came back i was banned. i was banned by tips his terraria name is that his rank is moderator. i think my ban was reasonable even though i didn’t know, but i should of though befor i did it. the reason i should be unbanned is i want to help people with stuff and i learned from my mistakes and help other people not make my same mistakes.

This is the right format, I just noticed. I say unban, even though you made a lot of useless threads. Not my decision though, good luck.

well um I don’t I don’t believe you didn’t know if you break some ones work there done you said you broke 338 that should be n per ban forever well its not up to me let the admins or mods decide. Good luck on trying to get Unban best of luck.

Well it’s my decision. xD

Even if you didn’t know that breaking blocks was against the rules, why did you do it?

heres the thing yes i should of known but i when i destroyed the blocks they would regenerate back to the creation. that when i thought it was ok. i am really sorry about what i did and i did it because i need the traps from the lizhard dungeon badly for my trap. i hope you believe me if you don’t i will do anything to prove that i didn’t meen any harm.

That is what you grieved. I will have to think about it a little more. It was actually 404 blocks.

Yes it was Tip, those blocks were never found :P.

do you want me to return them i will

ok donuts if you want to never unban me i am fine with it but u better beileve me that i didn’t know ok. i didn’t mean any harm and i like chatting with you guys.

ps is the septre staff good or bad

Ok well, I’ve decided to unban you. It was quite a lot so if I find more you won’t get unbanned. Have fun on the server. :stuck_out_tongue: