[Accepted] Unban please.

[1] Why were you banned?
[2] When were you banned?
[3] How long have you been banned?
[4] Where were you when you was banned?
[5] Who banned you? If you do not remember their name, then what was their staff rank?
[6] Do you think your ban was unfair? If so, why?
[7] Why should we unban you?

Hello, I just copied this so I do not have to switch back and forth between tabs.

  1. I came to log on and I find out that I have been apparently banned for griefing. I do not know if this is a mistake because I do not recall any of my actions toward griefing.
  2. I am guessing I was banned this morning but I did not find out until around 7:40 pm. The last time I was on was last night and the only activity I was doing was PVP’ing and arranging my items for pvp.
  3. I am not too sure but I’m guessing since this morning.
    4.I was not home when I was banned.
  4. I’ll be honest but I have no clue who banned me. The only text that terraria displays is that I have been banned forever, griefing(161). Not sure what this means besides me being banned.
  5. I do not know too much information to announce my opinion but I do think its a bit unfair as I do not know the explanation to my banning.
  6. I would like to be unbanned because I truly enjoy this server. I truly wish to remain in this server as it is fun and one of those servers that keeps me hooked on my computer. if I can go up in rank to start building stuff, I will have a ton of fun!

Thanks so much in advance!

There is a command called /history, that allows you to check history of block placement, or removal. So please do not lie. Also, that is a pretty big amount of grief, it is not my decision, but I would like if you tell the truth.

Yes I do believe I am telling the truth. the only thing I have ever done with the use of a pickaxe is just to mine the same block that would respawn. I do not see what guilt you are trying to find in me but I am telling the truth of my innocence, I also would like to know why do you see me as a bad person as I honestly did not know what went wrong.

I do not at all see you as a bad person, but breaking blocks that reappear will sometimes break them.

Alright. I guess you can blame the “noob” in me as they would respawn from my screen. I’m sorry for whatever actions I have caused. I do not want to be a problematic person but I honestly did not know what went wrong as my actions included PVP boss hunting. I do recall my pickaxe action yesterday morning so I do not know why it caught on a day later.
Thanks in advance again.

Perhaps you should just admit to your wrong doings? Maybe then, people will have more respect for you, and you will be unbanned. (Maybe)

Disregard previous. I banned you for griefing.




Just promise that you won’t grief again and make sure you’ve read and understood all the rules correctly.

And NEVER grief Cobalt Rebellion again. Understood?

What else is there to admit? I’m honestly questioning you now. I want to have fun in this server but it apparently seems like no one accepts my accompany. Ill be very honest but I am getting annoyed. Is this how new players are treated? Are others treated like if they are criminals?

Well you did destroy some peoples stuff. I hardly take that as a friendly gesture.

Don’t pin this on me. You know what you did was wrong, and you refused to admit it. If I was an admin, I’d have rejected this already.

Please inform me exactly what? I do not know any residences and every block is protected. What is there to cause a big dilemma about? I’m sorry if you don’t like me but I will stand up for myself if needed.

electroshock. I literally just posted all the evidence. And please ignore Warsong; these apps are open but focus on me please. Just scroll-up for the evidence.

Then do it. Not everything is protected. You should know that.

oh sorry pops

I respect your opinion Warsong but he seems to have missed the evidence and focused on you instead. Not my intent.

And like I said, every block is protected. the blocks did respawn and if they apparently did not then they are not properly protected. I will still stand for myself

Are you saying that breaking blocks, which I saw you did quite a bit, is OK? Not all creations should be protected and its against the rules to touch them otherwise. If you’re going to be ignorant of the rules then I’m going to close this.

And ok I guess I will ignore him.

Also Im still guessing you’ve not checked the images yet?

I’m sorry pop but I do not know when is block is protected as the block respawned. I am not being ignorant and I did start off this thread as a nice friendly question but if there are those who do not like me then they will see me as a bad person

I am sorry but I have joined this server for fun and socializing but if you do not want me here then this server isn’t the right choice for me.