[Accepted] Seraph's Helper Application

[Q1: What is my in-game name?]
My in-game name is Seraph. I don’t have any extra alternate characters that I play on.

[Q2: How often are you on the server?]
I am usually on the server around 3:30 on weekdays. On the weekends, I am on basically around the clock unless I have to go somewhere, or have some homework to do.

[Q3: Why do I want to be a Helper?]
I want to be a Helper because my life is pretty boring. I want to feel like I have earned something that is actually worth something. I have a few friends at school, but I want to find people with similar interests (not saying that my friends don’t have similar interests). I’m not very talented, so I want to feel that I have proven something to myself that I feel proud of.

[Q4: Will I prioritize helping others and answering questions over other things?]
Of course I will help people if they require it. I am a fairly helpful person with a cool head. I also feel that I have a good sense of humor.

[Q5: Do I think I have sufficient knowledge to answer many questions that are put to me?]
I feel that I have a fairly good amount of knowledge about Terraria. I have over 250 hours logged on Terraria. Plus there is always the wiki.

[Q6: Tell us about me?]
I live in Illinois. My name is Kyle. I go to EPCHS (East Peoria Community High School) and just started as a freshman. I am always striving to learn more about everything . I like to have intelligent conversations with whoever wants to listen. I always like to meet new people and make a friendly relationship with said person. If I’m not on Terraria, then I’m gone basically. You could say I’m addicted.

I may be wrong, but did you put the top questions also eg. Have you played for at
Least a week? (Or something)

Hoorah you finally made an application!
Please put spaces between the question and the awnsers though, maybe add a bit to question 4.
Other than that you have a good application!


I have seen you on the server frequently and you are friendly as well as cool headed and calm.
I think you will make a great helper, Seraph.
+1 I hope to see you helping me help others in the future, good luck.

you need to add some more to the questions but good luck +1

Pretty small but it does contain very good information, you have very good grammar so that is a bonus!
You seem like a trustworthy kind of person, I have seen you in-game a couple of times and you are nice and very helpful.
Try to extend the last few questions a bit and for example: Instead of;
[Q1: What is my in-game name?]
It should be:
[Q1] What is your in-game name?
(Not much of a problem just making sure it looks right) :smiley:

Your application is…good… but I have never seen you helping.

It seems that way because everyone types faster than me.

You need to type the fastest.


for being helpful, generous, active, and filling out the form (why am i still a new member??)

I have never seen you on. EVER. Maybe I will see in the future. If so, I will make sure you live up to the role, then you’ll get my +1 Cheers :wink:

Can someone approve or deny this please. The suspense is killing me

bro it needs t obe put in pending for 2 weeks. THen punisher and or lego wil ltest you a bunch and give yo ua score. If you get 7.5 + you pass

Okay. Thank you. I just wanted it to get the pending thingy on it

I swear I +1’d this…
[b]+1[/b] Seraph is good at helping and I think he’s up for the position. GL bro :slight_smile: [b]+1[/b]

Seraph is a good guy, and helps people when he can. He deserves my +1.

Hey Seraph, your application
is now entering to Pending.
You will have one week for testing, good luck!

Starting to note the grades on the application topics.
Test 1: 9.0/10.0 .

Seraph has failed his second test.

Test 1: 9.0/10.0
Test 2: Fail.

+1 Seraph is OP and helps people! :slight_smile:

+1 Seraph helps (when he types fast enough). He is calm, and is on frequently. You will make a great Helper Seraph;)!

While it is true that you answer your questions truthfully and rather quickly, AND you are usually very calm about it, after your failed test lily and I heard you chatting a phrase along the lines of “if anyone needs help, please bother me with your problems.” Lily took that as an insult to her notifieing the server that she was active and ready to help. If you cannot handle failing a test and being mature and accepting that… Well all I can say is to stop mocking Lilian with a pathetic phrase like that. I am not taking a side for this, but merely telling you to relax. There will be other chances, but for now focus on helping.

I appolagize if this was worded rudely but I want you to know this.