[Accepted] S4nders' ban appeal

[Q1] dark-gaming.com/ban/2321
[Q2] No, and I don’t think I advertised, I was helping someone
[Q3] To clarify, somebody asked for an Inventory Editor because their character was already registered and didn’t want to create another one.
So I wanted to help them out and I linked them:
Its address is: http://yal.cc/r/terrasavr/
It’s a simple web-based editor which you do not need to download anything for, and it’s quite convenient.
[Q4] I can completely understand that the one who banned me thought this was a rivaling terraria server. It’s not.
However, I think it’s a bit fatuous to just ban anyone who posts a website, and I quote myself here: “You can use yal.cc/r/terrasavr for that, it’s a web inv editor” in which you can clearly see it would be a website and not a server as it has slashes. But I apologise, I won’t do so again.
Thank you

Heh, that is akward.

First of all, your ban wasn’t fair, now I see. But the reason why you were banned, it’s because you didn’t post a link to an app you mentioned, but some unidentified page, which I considered to be some other Terraria server.

(the link is different from the one you posted in the appeal).

Sorry for the inconvenience. Your ban is of course lifted.