[Accepted] Please Unban me!

Hi Im MaTu and i hope you’ll unban me! :slight_smile: I got banned for griefing in jungle (they said)

[1] Why were you banned? It did say Griefing .
[2] When were you banned? 5-6 hours ago.
[3] How long have you been banned? 5-6 hours.
[4] Where were you when you was banned? With Other people in some jungle.
[5] Who banned you? If you do not remember their name, then what was their staff rank? Helper
[6] Do you think your ban was unfair? If so, why? A Little bit unfair. Because i accidently did it
[7] Why should we unban you? Because i really wanna make process in my terraria playing. In this server of course. And help new ppl in the server.

I really really hope you’ll unban me. (it was a acciden’t).

Already banned Pffffff…

A helper can’t ban; so It was either bob or wsc

I witnessed when you got banned. It was like 2-3 hours ago. BoB Banned you I believe.

Oh ok.
But i live in Estonia time goes faster :stuck_out_tongue:

I think he said something like: He grieved 100+ blocks :confused:

I banned you MaTu. You weren’t online at the time. Also, the grief wasn’t even in the jungle. And also, a helper cannot ban. You griefed about 200+ blocks. I will think about it if you will be unbanned because I banned you and it is my responsiblity.

Anyone have any opinions to back up and/or give evidence why he should be unbanned?

Ok But im so srry. You need to be mad at my brother he knows my terraria MaTu’s password + idk how to change it.
And im at my granny’s place and he is at home. idk what he is doing whit my users. ":frowning:

This plea has been used many times. “My sister/brother got on my account and did it!” That might be legitimate. But lets get some more opinions on this from other users.

But, can you explain in detail, why there was 200+ blocks grieved?

I have a laptop. what is very old. but i cant afford another computer. So my mouse and keyboard buttons got stuck. 5-9 buttons. Then my mouse to and i screwed up. i was scared that im gnna get banned like few days. forever. That was a shock to me. i’ve never got banned in a server. But here FOREVER!

ps.Im srry

I’m considering giving you another chance. I do not expect this to happen again. But I need confirmation that you are not lying to me, because if you are, harsher consequences will be used.

I’m 100,100% not lying + thank you so much for unbanning me. Am i unbanned now? may i enter the server

and i didn’t grif +200 blocks btw.

Yes you did, I was the one who did history and rolled it back. It was 200+ blocks

You are unbanned. Do not let this happen again. Thread closed