[Accepted] Please Unban Me

[Q1]ban link : http://dark-gaming.com/ban/622
[Q2] i was not warned before being banned
[Q3] i think it is mostly fair cause i broke the rules but it was an accident
[Q4]I want to get unbanned because i won’t break blocks again (grief) and i think this server is EPIC and enjoy playing on it with my friends.
[How i was banned] I was playing and breaking blocks and thought you can break blocks but then i realised that you can’t break blocks so i started placing them back but a staff member told me to wait for a moderator and not to place the blocks.

Diddley, please follow the Ban Appeal format here- https://dark-gaming.com/thread/format-ban-appeal.10.

I was the person who told him to wait for a moderator, and I can vouch for him. He was extremely apologetic after he realized- on his own- that he had griefed. There’s my two cents.

Thanks for vouching for me and ill make sure to follow to format

Ok, you recognize your mistake so just read over the rules and tell us if you dont understand something or that you fully understood the rules.

i have just read over the rules and now understand them all for the most part ,except i don’t know what dev armor is.

Dev Armor are the sets of armor reserved for the developers of Terraria. Red, Aaron, Cenx, D-Town, and Crownos all have personal sets of armor which will give debuffs to people who wear it- only a modified game client can get around that, and those are not allowed.

You forgot Jim armor

Un banned.