[Accepted] Please unban, I am very sorry

Q1) http://dark-gaming.com/ban/173
Q2) I was not on at the time of ban, so I was not warned.
Q3) I feel this ban is mostly fair, as I was not thinking when I spam placed.
Q4) I should be unbanned because I have ADHD, and I had an impulse to place those blocks. Also, dark gaming is my absolute favorite server, and I am willing to apologize for my actions, and do anything (including sacrificing my crew rank) to get back on. (side note: My brother will also be affected by this ban as he and I share IPs, and also, dark gaming is his favorite server too.)
I am very, very sincerely sorry for my actions.
Please don’t hate me, and I hope you feel like I should be unbanned.(as well as my brother, as he did nothing.)

[quote=boom458]I have ADHD, and I had an impulse to place those blocks[/quote]You see, I’m pretty sure, even with ADHD, you can stop yourself from doing that. It’s self control, and you must have it if you want to come here. If you felt like spamming something you should have just went and pvp’d, there’s no reason to be placing blocks everywhere.

Anyway, ThePunisher will deal with your ban appeal as he is the one who banned you.

OK I will do better to have self-control (if) I get back on.

You can always go on SP, take out some boss / spam whatever you got on your inventory
and kill some mobs there, coming back to the server and spawn the items you spent
instead of placing blocks at houses / buildings that doesn’t belong to you.
You will be un-banned soon and I request from you to read only about grief rules
as this was your fault.