[Accepted] Maegel's ban appeal

[Q1] t.dark-gaming.com/ban/340
[Q2] Yes i did break the rules knowingly. I got too carried away and ignored my wrong doings.
[Q3] Yes I do think my ban is fair and just. Modifying my character takes away the fun of the whole game and that of the other players who are playing in the server with a clean character. My actions are wrong and plain unfair.
[Q4] I would like to play once more in the server without the use of character and client modifications. This server is overall great due to its unique system and fun community, and without it, I’m probably missing out one of the most unique Terraria servers out there. Due to my actions, I have learned my lesson and will never try and do such things again. I would like to apologize to those who were affected by my rule-abiding behavior recently, and I would like to make a clean start this time around so that i don’t ruin the fun for everyone else for the sake of my own. I do hope that the community gives me a second chance. It’s been almost a week now since I’ve been banned and i do miss the enjoyable and friendly atmosphere of the server and everyone who’s in it. Again, i’m sorry for all the misdeeds I’ve made and done, and i ask for everyone’s forgiveness. Hoping for a second chance.

Thank you for reading~

You knew that you were breaking rules, right? Then why were you doing it?

Right I was on the server(fuzzypanda) people was complaining about you so i went to check it out. and i didn’t do ANY dmg.

I warned you 2 times to take it off and then i think i said something in Phase.

I got carried away and thought that it would get me easy exp with it (for the trading system) It’s basically the whole point of why i’m using the hacks because i’m mainly an impatient person when it comes to grinding for exp. I continued using the hacks on mobs and bosses that spawn in the arenas, But on PvP is a different story. I always turn the hacks off no matter what because it would be extremely obvious if someone were to deal damage on me.

By the time andy or Fuzzypanda warned me about it, i wasn’t really the person who’s using my character during that moment. I was downstairs answering a phone call that was meant for my mother (my parents were at work ) I told my younger brother not to touch anything. Apparently by the time i head upstairs after answering the phone call, he’s already using it and was playing on singleplayer. I went back to the server knowing that i was banned for a week… I actually just knew about this whole thing right after questioning him earlier about what he really did. He told me that he was fighting other players when he entered a zone (the pvp arena area) since i left my character afk on spawn.

Long story short, i mainly hacked for Exp. i never really used it for PvP but i am guilty of hacking and modding my character. Again, i’m truly sorry for the trouble i caused to everyone, and here’s me asking for a second chance to start clean.

It doesn’t matter if it’s PvP or PvE, hacking and cheating is forbidden completely. Read section 4 of the rules.

I have read the rules before and after registering in the server and i am well aware that using hacks is strictly forbidden. I also re-read it again for assurance. I must admit that i am just severely impatient with exp systems. But i know that i can outstand that urge to result to hacking… I can guarantee you that I will never do the same thing again. I’m an obedient person. Once i’m caught on the act, i assure you that i will not do it again the second time around. I ask for a second chance, i really hope you see me through.

Ok. I believe you. I understand you won’t repeat it. But if you’re found to be hacking again, it’s going to be close to impossible for your next ban to be lifted.

Appeal accepted.

I Just want to add something. Never leave your terraria open with hacks around a Sibling :smiley: