[Accepted] legend masters ban appeal

[Q1] Provide the Ban link or number; dark-gaming.com/ban/11

Before I begin I have no idea why i’m banned I tried to get on and it said I was banned

[Q2] Were you warned before being banned?

no I wasn’t on the server at all at the time

[Q3] Do you think your Ban was fair? If not, please provide a reason.

Yes I think it was very unfair I don’t know what I did and this is my favorite server I never griefed or use profanity toward others or did anything against the server rule’s I love the server I would never harm it in my dreams. Please the person who banned my please step forward and tell me what I did wrong I’m so sad I got banned from my favorite server. If I did do something wrong I will never do it again I promise.

[Q4] Why should we unban you?

I am a loyal server supporter I love the server I’m rising though ranks ( please don’t deny my mod app and my helper app) I really love this server I’m on it often if I stay banned I can never play terraria without thinking of the server again i’m so sorry for whatever I have done and please, please don’t hold this against me for anything in the future I do not know what I did

It says you were banned by Chenaley for griefing 1,158 blocks I do believe…

Okay. Yes I banned you, and it looks like you use two accounts. Your grief was right by the spawn tunnel going up into the surface.
Here is the grief:

shadow i thought that legend mage was your brother; not you.

no my brother is 8 and he lives in my house he is on the site as spartan 117 we have the same IP because we use the same internet or Wi-Fi I truly had no part in this it was all my brother I yelled at him yesterday for getting me banned this is my favorite server I would never harm it I saw my brother make the house but not that tunnel I swear I did not do it it was my brother his name is mark he is 8 and he is a boy he used legend mage as an account and his steam is markkrynski117 please unban me not him if you like

also if you were on the server you could see my brother legend mage was on as well as me legendmaster

also that house wasa pics of crap I could make a better house easily and legend mage is a stupid name in my opinion so I would never use it

I believe him that he did not do that, he told me that he never had a character named “legend mage”. He sayed he was on the server at the same time as legend mage, his brother has its own steam account and game. This means that he couldnt be able to greif the spawn, because legend mage (his brother) and himself were online at the same time. Excuse me but i dont think he has done that, his brother did.

thank you antasma

I don’t think Shadow would grief either… But one thing must be done. Are you and Mark sorry for grieving? Even though it wasn’t you are you sorry your brother grieved?
I really hope u get unban u iz good friend

yes im sorry my brother griefed i dont think he knew but as well thanks dragon im very sorry my brother tore up some of the server so very sorry

If I unban you I unban your brother. If he grieves again I cannot help you. You share an ip so it’s your responsibility.

I locked his account

Unbanned; Thread now closed.