[Accepted] JagerLongShot’s Ban Appeal

Q1: https://dark-gaming.com/ban/4417

Q2: Knowingly? Not really due to a few factors:

  1. I am playing on Mobile specifically IOS (I can provide photo proof) there is very limited ways to “exploit” The terraria app
    2.Even in the rules it states cheating is a very severe punishable offense, no reason to cheat in the risk of getting banned
  • So no I did Not break the rules knowingly as I simply was playing the game

Q3: well in the video stating the obvious, you can see me taking no damage , and your though of course is “He’s hacking” but think of this, since I have to use a VPN during the day (Wifi is very restrictive at times) It will slow down my internet speed , causing me to lag, or the person who was recording the video may have had slow internet and seem me there lagging, as i would suspect you all would know how bad lag can be, and I can see on my end I was lagging all morning when I was connected , Seeing this I did Die a few times, On my screen personally I had Spawned back in , but as you can see in the video I was not taking damage in which the only thing I can come up with is lag interference on either ors end, which caused me to seem as If I was in god mode yet I really was taking damage, So in reality I believe my ban was unfair and indecisive , and that a second chance should be given.

Q4: As stated above believe that once or if I am able to provide reasonable photos and proof to show that I was in fact lagging (I can also provide wifi speed test to show how awful my wifi can get) and prove that in fact my wifi was being slow like it sometimes does do , (Possibly the other persons wifi being slow) . It in reality is how you see it so if you see it as hacking (God mode, etc) that Is your call and I can’t change the decision made, but I ask for a second chance and for a chance for me to prove to you all that in fact I was lagging, and that anything that was shown/seen was in fact due to a misconception and lag playing a factor to why I was seen not taking damage.

What tends to happen in lag cases is that a bunch of updates from a client come through at once, due to variable latency, or, the other one is that everything is just simply delayed. However, in the video which is in its entirety is over 20 seconds, and not a single one of them showing you take damage, but many times see you using weapons. So why in this case is it that we are seeing you using your weapons and firing projectiles but not taking damage? From your perspective, what was happening that allowed that to happen?

Mk, Whenever I join using slow wifi (As i stayed before) And yes Sometimes I will lag or freeze in place while using items, It depends though, Or like as seen in the video at that time my ping was off the roof, Even if the sever was rubbing good, Also Im on IOS possible a hard platform to get modded apps on, I wouldn’t take the time to go and jailbreak my device to get cheats for terraria, Vanilla player. I honestly can show you screenshots if you want.

(Same reply I DMd incase you didn’t see it here)

If whisper logs are a thing, Jager told a user by the name of Slightning prior that day to watch him tank about, 20+ Dungeon Guardians

Do you remember that Jager?

Mk so Yes I do feel that the ban was reasonable doing your Job, and Im sorry for lying to start but I was using the lag to my advantage exploiting my own lag to get hits off on boss’s I was not using a hacked client as in fact I am on IOS (Can include proof) I knew either was I was gonna stay perm banned so I lied and said it was lag which caused it when in fact i was exploiting my lagginess to not take damage

How do you exploit lag to not take damage?

Well in my case I kept Disconnecting the VPN while i was connected to wifi, it didn’t kick me out but it also froze the game for a bit before “connecting” me back

but if dungeon guardians were following you, then you would just instantly die when you got unfroze, I don’t see how that avoids death.

Well things happen

I mean it wont happen again but things happen

That’s not an explanation.

Do you need one if so…

Real thing is either way i say it im perm banned? Right?

Not necessarily. We usually give people at least one chance.

Fine truthfully I am on IOS , I was using a modified app client (That I uninstalled) And used it since it came with unlimited health and water breathing I can link you it. That is how I did not Die. Currently I have the App store vanilla terraria app, Sorry for lying.

Yes, if you could send the link on discord.
Now that we have finally clarified what happened, read through the rules https://dark-gaming.com/thread/dark-gaming-terraria-server-rules.421 State here which rule(s) you broke so that I can see that you understand what rules were broken.

Section 5 : #1 and #2

Section 5 - Hacking/Exploits

#1 Hacked Clients [or Modified Clients]
All types of modified clients, that deviate gameplay functionally in any way from the original Terraria client; this also includes using 3rd party programs, such as Inventory Editors, to modify your character to possess impossibilities, but texture packs are exempt*. Warnings may be given, however due to the nature of the people using these clients, warnings may not be required, and in cases where this affects other players in a negative way, to a degree of selfishness, then the ban may not be appealed.

People using any sort of Modications for PvP Advantages are deemed worse. Therefore, they should not be warned and instead banned.

  • That do not alter game mechanics (e.g. hitboxes, visibility of tiles/walls, visibility of lighting). In other words, they must keep all things in-tact that the originals do except the art style.

#2 Exploits
Rare or otherwise unknown exploits are not allowed either. Unknown is defined as exploits that are not listed as allowed in the rules. Public posted exploits below are allowed.

#2.1 Allowed Exploits

Please note that repeat offences heavily decrease your chances of a successful appeal in the future.