[Accepted] I'm banned and I don't know why.

  1. t.dark-gaming.com/ban/102

2.Nope. I just went back after a couple of hours and got banned.

3.No, it was unfair because I have no idea why was I banned and I didn’t even do anything wrong.

4.I have no mistakes that I have to clear and I follow all the rules of the server. People think I use modded clients because I hit fast but it’s because I have nearly max melee speed and maybe because I lag too much. These are really the only things I can say on Q4 because I really, really don’t know what wrong did I do and if I did anything wrong, I’m sorry and please tell me what did i do.

I think there is a mistake, the Proof set in “t.dark-gaming.com/ban/102
Is the proof you have to ban TrollX. I think A68 was trying to ban TrollX but wrote your name by accident.

Hmm, I think so :confused:
Man mistakes are so annoying but I can’t really do a thing about it.
I guess I just have to do the waiting game.

Now I get it. Don’t worry I just unistalled Gameiki :smiley:
I just used it for building in singleplayer though but I’m sorry for being an idiot.

Yes, you’ve been banned for Gameiki mod.

So, this was a mistake on your part?

Yes and i’m really sorry though, I didn’t know the rules earlier because I went to the server first before the forums.

But now all I’m asking for is to get unbanned because now I just cleared up my mess and once again, i’m really, really sorry.

If there are other things you want me to clarify, then let me know.

Lack of knowledge of the rules isn’t an excuse, but I understand it was a mistake.

I guess Rofle will unban you very soon.

Thanks for understanding though. For now, i’ll just be playing the waiting game.