[Accepted] Helper Application---Mocab :)

  • Have been on the server for at least 1 week — Most certainly
  • No application made which has been denied within the last week — Again, yes
  • Not have any offences on record, including temp bans but not warnings — Only once, but that was because we were trying to see if then I could use my real account
  • Have good spelling and grammar (to an extent) — Yup
  • Have a Verified In-game account — Yes
  • Be mature — This should be for everyone on the server-yup
  • Be willing to give up normal Crew stuff to help people — I am willing
  • Already help people on a daily basis and answer questions — If they have questions I will answer them. Sometimes I don’t get any questions.
  • Have a good moral standing — I believe I do

Q1-What is your in-game name?
My in-game name for this server is Mocab

Q2-How often are you on the server?
I go on the server as much as I can, and stay on over my limits. :stuck_out_tongue:

Q3-Why do you want to be a Helper?
Helping people is fun, and apparently there’s lots of help to go around on the server! Also, if this server is going to become more popular, (which we all want) helping people can make them understand the server better. This also could make them have some of their friends come on! (They may suggest the server)

Q4-Will you prioritize helping others and answering questions over other things?
Isn’t that the reason people become Helpers? Yes, I will prioritize helping others and answering their questions to the best of my ability.

Q5-Do you think you have sufficient knowledge to answer many questions that are put to you?
I do have the knowledge to answer the many questions that will be put to me. About weapons, armor, becoming crew ranked, etc…

Q6-Tell us about you.
My name is Michael, I’m in 8th grade, (going into) and I go on the server once for over my time limits a day. Sometimes (rarely) I get banned from using the computer for a day. :stuck_out_tongue: I live in Wisconsin in the United States of America, and I get strait A’s in all my classes! :smiley:

In Q6, I changed the ? into a . because tell us about you is a statement.

[b]+1 [/b]This application is pretty good :wink: I think Mocab deserves Helper rank, he’s good at helping xD [b]+1[/b]

Thanks Dragon!:slight_smile:

=1 Definitely Deserves the helper position! He/She Is very nice on the server!(Sorry idk if your a boy or girl)

I’m a boy victor, and thanks so much for your support!!!:smiley:

+1. Super Active, mature, Amazing App.

Great application! [b]+1[/b]

You guys are awesome! That’s 4 +1’s!

Testing phase, 1 week.

Ok, I’ll try to get on as much as possible.

Hey Mocab.
Due to the latest re-assignments you will have
one more week to be tested for a Helper’s rank.
Good Luck!

There are lots of closed/accepted threads.

Ok. That must explain the delay. If you can, tell me when you’ll get back to my app pun. Thanks! :smiley:

You need to manage 4 tests. I tested you twice, ask chen if he tested you too.

Ok, thanks punisher.

Hopefully this could get further on in consideration. I’ve asked Chenaley with 2 messages, and he answered none of them… I’m assuming Chenaley can’t find time to test applications.

I think chenaley is a bit inactive right now. ThePunisher is probably the one to go for.

So far :
2 passes.
1 fail.
Last test will say it all.

Mocab passed his final test with an 8.5. He will be moved to Accepted soon.