[Accepted] HarmfulCrane's Helper Application

Q1. What is your in-game name?

Q2. How often are you on the server? (Include timezones and exact times only; no generalisations)
i’m on the server just about everyday from 10am to 8pm and my timezone is Central timezone

Q3. Why do you want to be a Helper?
I want to be a helper because I feel like the server needs more helpers to better moderate the server and help others and I want to do just that

Q4. Will you prioritize helping others and answering questions over other things?
yes I will! I will help people out that are in need of it and I will answers questions the moment I see them! No matter what I am doing.

Q5. Do you think you have sufficient knowledge to answer many questions that are put to you?
to he honest, I’d say I have about medium knowledge, I do know a bit about the game, but I’ll still try my best to help out no matter what!

Q6. Tell us about yourself?
hi, I am HarmfulCrane, but most people just call me “Crane” or “Harm” I’m a very addicted to shooters and bullet hell games I play them about everyday to make sure I stay in shape and don’t rust up. I’m really really into dragons so ig you guys can call me a furry (though, I’d Rather be called a scalie if possible please, I really don’t like being called a furry but due to arguments, this is the way it is.) I’m also very into computer/tech stuff I watch videos everyday so I can learn more about their components and what they do and how to fix them. My birthday is on February 23rd if any of you were curious. I spend about most of my time chatting on discord with friends so if you want to chat with me, discord is the place :slight_smile: that’s all for now.


Harm has been on the server for quite some time now and has always been a good sport from my knowledge. Definitely worthy of being a helper. +1


I haven’t known crane for too long (I’d say around two months), but from what I see they follow the rules, are very active on the server and discord, and readily assist both newcomers and veteran players with their various questions and concerns. I don’t think there is a better candidate for helper, so that’s a +1 from me. Good luck on your application crane.


You could still use some work, be less aggressive towards others, and think logically, in the meantime I’ll give you a +1.


Although I don’t interact with crane much, they’re pretty active, and do help a lot of people +1


Quite active and very knowledgeable about the server and the game. Helps other players despite being in a lobby. Definitely will make a great helper. +1


Yes, I’ve only started interacting with harm like, 1 1/2 months ago when i started pvp’ing, but really knowledgeable about the server and knows what people mean. Definitely will be a great helper. +1
(also thank u 4 tellin me were dat mounts chest is, i really wanted to know that - yems)

Crane is very active and has been here for a long time. Just like what most of the others think, crane is very knowledgeable about the server and I’ve seen him help many people. Also he’s really good with enforcing the rules (I know from my experience when he confronted me). I give a +1 for him.
Good Luck Crane! :+1:

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Coming out of hibernation to give crane this +1. This guy has spent years on this server, and he knows more about it than easily anyone. He deserves this role, he’s knowledgeable and is overall a great dude.

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+1 (this is just some opinions and advices, it’s your choice if you’ll accept or deny this)
Don’t know you much but knowing how you play, reading your app and just hearing you in vc is enough for me to know some of your traits.(correct me if I’m wrong tho) You are a serious person. You tend to take stuffs seriously but you might keep that seriousness in check because it might lead to confusion that leads to misunderstanding. If someone is bad at something and you noticed him/her, don’t hold back and correct their mistakes even if you have to say offending stuffs but don’t be afraid to say something to them just because it might hurt their feelings because criticism is part of our improvements, but you must know your limits in giving one and depending on the given situation (just tell them that they’re bad but in a nice way). Part 2 soontm?

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You might be surprised to see me talk about the activity and dedication of a certain member of the community considering the fact I’ve been absent and unjustifiably vacant from my post for at least a year now. It’s good to be back for a brief period, if not longer, to see a fresh design for the forums, that’s better in every way, and to finally witness the reopening of helper applications. I haven’t a clear idea on how he’s been performing recently, but I trust, from long term experience, that he’s doing grand.

Well, I’m going to write one mad essay here; Harm deserves it.

I’ve known Harmfulcrane for almost half a decade now and he’s been in the community for longer still. It’s greatly underestimating on his part to say he’s got “medium” knowledge of the server overall. This guy knows DG through and through. He’s been a great part of the community, influencing it, seeing it evolve, and always being up to date with whatever is going on. To this day, he’s still consistently active and very much so the same cool guy I met at first. He’s done wrong in the past, abusing a glitch with credits which ultimately lead to a total reset to the economy and to fundamental changes of the mechanics surrounding it. He learned his lesson the hard way afterwards, but he remained active and loyal to the community, and now he’s looking forward to going one step further. From what I’ve seen only today, having come back, he goes out of his to answer any question related to the server from new members and to give warnings to anyone breaking rules.

Harm is fit for the staff team being hyper reliable, way more than me, and keen to work on further improving the server. I would wholeheartedly give up my current position to him in the future, if so he wishes and if Rofle is cool with it; he’d make more and better use of it.


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You definitely could’ve written more. But because of the fact that you help lots of people in the items dimension and rarely ever take a break, I’ll give you a +1.

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For crane’s valiant working during 1.4, this application has been accepted. Will follow up soon on the title.

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