[Accepted] h4x's ban appeal

[Q1] dark-gaming.com/ban/1979

[Q2]Uhm, I guess no? Its complicated.

[Q3]No, banning is never fair if you’re not aware of what you’re doing is aperently wrong, however, I do understand why A68 has banned me

[Q4]As I said(more subtely hinted) I did not intend to advertise for my server. I was showing my IP address because member Poon was asking us to come over to his server, providing IP
However, I knew that the IP was wrong, and I told him so. To further prove my point, I gave my own IP to show that mine worked(off note:It didnt really work, i couldn’t figure out why and i think this place isn’t the best to ask…)
I think then A68 saw I posted my IP in chatted and thought it was advertising
If showing an IP is banned without exeptions to demonstrational/educational purposes, then i sincirely apologize
If it isn’t, however I would like to add the following things to the rules section

Section1 rule #10
posting A foreign IP is forbidden, under the circumstances that you said IP post because gain in popularity for your server, however its okay if:
You want other people’s help, as long as you announce your need for help and multiple visitors respond positively
You want to show a specific thing you achieved, and 2 or more people allow you to post the IP address
You post the IP adress in correlation of a subject that is going on in the chat

(by the way I would then fall under the 3rd category, if you hadn’t found out)


PS: please don’t get too aggresive about the suggestion, if you don’t like it politely post you can’t do that
PPS: Im Dutch and English is not my native language, so i apologize for the included spelling/grammar/styling error

Let me first ask you a question: if a person commits a murder, not knowing that it’s wrong and is punished, does that mean that the punishment was unjust? (This regards the answer to Q2)

I didnt say advertising isnt wrong, I said I didn’t feel like I was advertising. I know advertising is wrong, however i have a whole different (and maybe more flexible) idea of what advertising is
I think of advertising as “Come to my server because my server is waaay better than this server”
not as: “I told you how to make a functional server, here’s proof;[insert IP here]”

The problem with the argument of ignorance is that the improvements that can be made are only upon automatically blocking IP addresses. This causes users to either circumvent the system (which makes it clear that they knew they were breaking rules) or to negatively take from it; what people know as censorship. While in the context of this community, and holding its integrity, censorship is necessary to avoid disgusting chat and builds, however an automated system will be provide no flexibility. You cannot simply make an exception if someone were to need to post an IP in chat without a permission

The ultimate goal would be to ensure that people know these rules before joining. However, it is the vast majority that do infact not break the rules and therefore it provides an extra boundary for everyone. The reason you are banned, and with no reluctance is because of not only that you broke the rules, but we are forcing you (the one in the minority that break them) to read them. This is the system that has been chosen as it seems the most efficient. It is not necessary to advertise publicly any ip or domain, since public chat is for information that you would like to share with everyone. Lobby Chat, Private Chat (/w) and Party Chat (/p) are all for sending chat to limited groups of users. This is the system to chose when thinking about posting an ip or related information. Where it is limited to only a few users, who are having a direct conversation and therefore there is no advertising within the rules definition.

I get that my suggestion is kind of flawed, then, and actually i usually read part of the rules when some odd ones are mentioned(such as that you arent allowed to buff yourself with non-potion buffs)
In this case too, i’ve been to so many servers where they don’t enforce rulles this concrete, and most of the rules sections are basically the same

What I’m trying to say is that I was assuming you had the same rules as other server did, and handled them the same, too. Today I learned that was not the case, and that this servers rulebook is quite different from others. (with the zero-tolerance custom clients rule being the first i found out)

PS.Also, what’s the difference betweeen asking to friend you on steam from giving you the IP to everyone, just curious

The difference? It’s like you come to a store and start asking people to be your friend and to come to a store and advertising other store/s.

It is also the difference between telling everyone on the server (20-50 or so) what a server ip is, and telling 3 people. This is why it is allowed in “/w” because it is private.

oh ok, i understand taht now now.
I don’t think i have any more questions now…

So, you do know now, that you broke the rules?

Yes, i do, and if i ever need to post my IP again, i need to do it in private

Good. Read all the rules, follow them all, and you won’t have any more problems.