[Accepted] DPS 2.0s Ban Appeal

1] Why were you banned? “For dropping items”
[2] When were you banned? 2-16-14, 2:34 pm on a Sunday.
[3] How long have you been banned? About 20 minutes
[4] Where were you when you was banned? Spawn
[5] Do you think your ban was unfair? Yes, all I was doing was dropping items around spawn.
[6] Why should we unban you? This ban was unfair. If i’m going to be banned for dropping items around, then whats the whole point of “giving” to other people items. If you wanted the items to be removed, you could have just clear them instead of banning someone for “dropping items”. I mean, the whole point to all this “dropping” was for fun, playing on my Alt, and pretending to be Santa Clause in February and giving presents to all. Is that what you call ban-able reasons? Well then, you must have good moderators (perky_kat).

~DPS 2.0

You were dropping tons of items per second. I banned you not perky_cat. I warned you, I said, do not spam dropping items and you continued after the kick. The server has to take % of its almost 100% used CPU for those items you are dropping and it lags the server by doing so. And no, don’t make an excuse you were “giving them out”. No one wants those items; they can get them with the item command.

Oh and insulting us because you think our ban reasons are off-par isn’t helping you. And thus, no sympathy for you is felt. I don’t have time to constantly “/clear item” to keep the server lag free. There are no excuses, not even ignorance will excuse you.

Lag is not fun.

I will unban you this time, but please, if I tell you to do something, it is only for good reason.

Ban Application closed.