[Accepted] DillePickle's Ban Appeal

[Q1] http://www.dark-gaming.com/ban/2187

[Q2] I broke the rules knowingly and not knowingly. Yes, I knew that griefing a person’s house is against the rules, but I thought it only included houses with /house set 1, /house set 2, and /house add (housename) on it.

[Q3] I think it is fair I got this ban because I could of just ignored the underground house and kept exploring. It was extremely stupid of me to break a house without thinking of the risks.

[Q4] I think you should unban me because I have learned my lesson not to go in a random house and break it. In addition, I try to help people when helpers/admins are offline. Also, this is the only extremely good server, Pedguin server is boring cause you just do spleef, and Flaming monkey server stinks because you just sit around and do nothing, rarely fighting bosses.

Good that you admit to being guilty.

House protection tool is only given to prevent griefing (protected areas cannot be griefed), but it doesn’t mean that structures which are not protected can be destroyed, but you know that already.

Now I ask you to read the Rules and understand them.

I have read the rules and it states “Griefing is the removal/addition to another player’s structure without their permission to do so. Griefing is punishable by ban and will not expire. Protection is irrelevant in all cases of grief. It is only there to avoid others to break the rule.” At the last sentence, I understand now that house sets and names are only optionable, and destroying a house without those things, still counts toward a ban.

Good, very good. Make sure you never brake any rules Dille.