[Accepted] DerpyUnicornz's Ban Appeal

I’d like to be un banned. Here’s the format that was provided and my info:

[Q1] My ban link is this: darkgaming.com/ban/602
[Q2] No, but I now think I know the rules now…
[Q3] Yes. It was fair on your part, but as I did not know the rules and developer items weren’t banned, I thought it was alright to do.
[Q4] I know that what I did was bad, but the unfair thing was that I got no warning. I impersonated Re-digit because I am a loner with no friends ;-; I now understand and if you un ban me, I will not do it ever again. I removed the account, too. I also no longer have the Developer’s Patch because 1.3 came out and I found infinite flight without being unfair.

Thank you for reading, and please take the care to un ban me.
-Derpy 2015

Please correct the link to ban page.

It is correct, I used the Dev patch to impersonate developers on many different Terraria servers. This was the only one I got banned from.

Oh sorry, i just clicked the link… I will fix it tomorrow after school. (19 hrs)

Oh, I can fix it now. Here it is: dark-gaming.com/ban/602
Sorry, forgot the dash.


Now. It’s not unfair that we didn’t warn you. Warning may be given, but it’s not required. Fact, that you didn’t know the rules is not an excuse - same as if a murderer was not to be punished if he didn’t know that murdering is wrong.

The reason why this Patch was banned, because developer items are for developers and only for them.

You didn’t have to delete your character.

So, is it accepted, or denied? If denied, I understand your decision. But i did not know it was wrong, I just got banned, and I was heartbroken. I did not understand why I was banned, since this is a free item server. I think that this server is an amazing server, even if I don’t get un banned.

You’ll know if it’s denied or accepted :stuck_out_tongue:

I must ask you to carefully read rules of the server. Let me know when you did. Also, tell me exact section & point which you’ve broken.

I have mistakenly broken:

Section 1 - Chat Rules #7
Section 5 - Hacking/Exploits #1
Section 7 - Accounts #1

I read every single word. It took 25 minutes, but I did it.

Good. I hope you won’t break the rules any more.

Unbanned. You can come to the server again.