[Accepted] CTM Ban Appeal

I was banned with dark-gaming.com/ban/959, and never received a warning that I was aware of. I honestly do not think the ban was fair. I believe that I should be let back onto the server because I did not intentionally grief. I only broke the blocks of other players’ creations by accident, and I always put them back in their original position to the best of my ability. There was one time that I broke the bottom of an asphalt tower filled with water, and I apologize to the owners about it. I couldn’t pass the creation, and thought that the water was actually solid blocks because of the Hallow’s purple tinge. This was an accident that I hope can be repaired easily. I placed one block of dirt in front of an unprotected shop’s door to keep monsters from attacking me as I built my house and forgot to move it. I did break a very small number, only two or three, of blocks in order to see what they were so I could use them on my own house. However, I did the same as I did with the accidental breaking and put them back immediately. I enjoyed playing on your server for the couple of days that I have known about it, and hope that I can continue to do so in the future.

There is no dark-gaming.com/ban/959. You’ll need to correct the number.

(dark-gaming.com/ban/595 -->This is the ban link.)
“I do not think the ban was fair”, “I did not intentionally grief. I only broke the blocks of other players’ creation by accident”.
Isn’t there some problem with this say?
There is a sign clearly says that any grief will result a ban, doesn’t matters which kind of grief is done.

several questions:
In case that they were solid blocks, do you still think that we wouldn’t be banning you?
Did you really built again the asphalt wall after you broke them? the pictures are clearly showing that you just
left the hole into the protected area as open one, and all the water came into his creation.

I meant 595, and you are correct about the fairness. I wrote the beginning and then remembered the tower and added it without editing the beginning of the appeal. I made a mistake in breaking the tower and did not realize that there was an opening above me. I left it open because it was the end of a long day and I didn’t think about the consequences of leaving it that way. It sounds like I am making excuses here because I kind of am; I accidentally messed it up. I hope that if you let me continue playing on your server that something like this won’t happen again.

Good that you recognize your mistake and about the rest.
Read over the server rules at https://dark-gaming.com/thread/dark-gaming-terraria-server-rules.421
and say if you are having any rule understanding problem about any of the ones that are mentioned,
if not then tell me that you have fully understood them, and on this case or the other I will un-ban you.

I fully understand the rules, and sorry about the formal language… I’ve been writing too many essays and it’s messing with my brain.

Good English nor writing is nothing to apologize for,
you are no un-banned.