[Accepted] Charia's Ban Appeal

  1. https://dark-gaming.com/ban/1049
  2. I was afk while i was being banned,
  3. I don’t think that was fair.
  4. On my behalf i don’t think i can even imagine getting my social and own mental state back after this. I just want to get back on. i wont talk. i won’t interact with anyone at all. ill only build. i don’t think this was fair on behalf that i needed this for only a little bit longer so i could regain my own humanity. The reason you should unban me is because i am generally a nice person and i would never do that in a situation like that. The only reason i do it online is because i just cant control my anger. i do admit i have problems but i never thought i would have to go through this again.

(Speaking to Charia)
I was active when the incident occurred, I was under the impression that you weren’t so happy and tried to get you to stop and it didn’t work so I left it alone. After a bit you did calm down and returned to your normal self and I believe you are a good person inside. And believe me I had some really s***y days as well. Regardless I hope you get unbanned as I don’t want to see people whom I have called friends continuously and one by one leave due to issues such as this.

Charia, I think you’re a nice person in general. You are an oddball, you are constantly straying off topic, and you are always finding some wierd way to keep me entertained. While you do get rather rude sometimes, I think that you can keep it to yourself if you really tried. Overall, I am in favor of Charia getting unbanned, as I enjoy talking with, and spending time with her.

+1 for a pardon

One thing I do not understand:
“i don’t think this was fair on behalf that i needed this for only a little bit longer so i could regain my own humanity.”
What is the “this”?

To Rofle’s comment I have no idea but I’ll get her to comment on that when I can get in contact

To Charia:
I really do hope you get unbanned. I think you’re a nice person at heart. Sometimes you do get a little rude, but I think that you still deserve to play on the server.

To Staff:
I’m in favor of Charia getting unbanned. So, +1 or whatever.

I really hope she gets unbanned

I would like to remind you as speaking of Charia, that rofle posted on the report (Look in the ban URL)
several evidences for rude behavious.

Questions to Charia now -
Do you aware of the existance of the rules
and the expeced social behaviour of being respectful to other people, doesn’t matters who they are?
Why do you think that a ban, for that kind of behaviour - is not fair?
Is a ban from a server really affected on your mental and social skills?

  1. I AM aware of the rules
    It’s just that you’re not supposed to assume that I haven’t read them
    having problems is valid as an excuse
    because shitty days are rampant in my life

Well i think you need to think about it, ive made mistakes, ive got insane sometimes. But for a good reason. Because im sometimes dog piled with idiots
I wanna enforce things but i just go over board
Well i have been having a shit life recently For starters my friend was disowned and her relationship with her mother is dead
its been raining the one day i wanna go outside and have too
basically ive been sick till now
My social media is crap according to my anxiety
and did i mention i have ANXIETY DISORDDER NAGGING AT MY SOUL?
among other things i have adhd and aspergers and probably ocd

Still don’t know what “this” is…

oh “This” means the Server

So from what I can tell, she uses the server as a place to put everything, including unwanted things? I hope she realizes that the server is suppose to be used for taking a break from other activities, having a friendly chat with other members and just generally having fun (without spoiling others fun in the process).

You see, when you start bringing IRL issues into it, then it becomes a problem. Most of the time, these people aren’t here to counsel you on your IRL problems, or to take various insults for your benefit. People just want to play the game / have a break from other activities / have a nice chat with other members. If you feel offended by their blunt “We do not care” or related, then it’s because they didn’t come on this server and/or game to care about IRL problems. And as you have seen quite literally, we have good reason for having rules against mostly negative discussions that cause insults.

Well you see Rofle. Thats not the case. I try to avoid this as much as possible but i am slowly breaking down. Luckily a new gmail account fixed my forums problem.

So i was talking to charka a bit and seems like she wants back in but it doesn’t seem like she wants back in badly she said to me ‘‘i just want back in to build’’

Well I’ve said what is needed.

Just know that, when it comes to something like this, I tend not to give another chance after, because it’s not worth it in the end. I hope that it never gets to that stage.

Your ban has been lifted.