[Accepted] Boss Arena Unintentional Griefing

[Q1] Provide the Ban link or number

[Q2] Were you warned before being banned?
I was not warned before being banned, but I had a feeling that it was going to happen after the event occurred.

[Q3] Do you think your Ban was fair? If not, please provide a reason.
I think that given the circumstances of what the admin knew at the time of the ban, the ban was fair, however, there is more to the story than just the fact that I broke blocks underneath the boss arena. During boss fights in the arena, I noticed mobs spawning below in a tunnel right below the arena near the elevator. Curious, I used the RoD to teleport there. I wanted to see whether or not the area was protected, so yes, I broke a bunch of blocks and made the tunnel about 3 blocks deeper (yes I do realize that was excessive and unnecessary, and I apologize for doing such) . After that occurred, I asked for Lilian to check it out because I was concerned that if the area remained unprotected, a real griefer could come and do some damage to the area. You can feel free to ask Lilian to verify my claim. You may also ask MrSandwich for his testimony as well as he was there at the time when I was showing others that the area was unprotected.

[Q4] Why should we unban you?
I may not have been a part of this server for very long, but I was really starting to enjoy it, and I couldn’t wait to see what the future held in store for me and my server experience. I think that I could contribute a lot to this server and it’s community. Thanks for your time :slight_smile:

764 Blocks btw

That is likely due to me placing blocks back when I was showing Lilian and then breaking them again. If I truly wanted to grief it, I would have broken the entire left wall of the elevator below the boss arena, as I believe that much of that was unprotected, nor would I have alerted another member about the situation.

Just sayin’

Yes this was true, crytex did show me this and I did warn him about this. I fully support him as I do not think that he intentionally griefed. I have seen him on the server a lot and he seems like he enjoyed his stay and would come back again

Crytex, you did know that everyone aren’t allowed to destroy blocks from the spawn-area,
but you did it anyway. You have also said “I broke a bunch of blocks and made the tunnel about 3 blocks deeper”,
however-it wasn’t 3 blocks deeper, you could make there some rooms and housing with the amount of blocks
you took out.
There’s a reason why it isn’t protected after all, but you did know that but still kept on.
If you would’ve build back what you destroyed then no-one would be care, but you didn’t do that,
in order to keep yourself safe from a ban.

For comparison, Herpy Derp was also banned, but for almost a 1K blocks grief, you aren’t that far from him.

I asked the other crew members and builders if we should fill it in, but I was specifically told by them NOT to fill it in because I would possibly be blamed for the grief. Ask Mrsandwich. Also, there was another builder who was placing actuators and wiring in the upper right corner of the unprotected area. I removed those because I was pretty sure that those weren’t supposed to be there. This may also have added to the total blocks broken count.

Also, why would me not placing blocks back constitute as an attempt to keep myself safe from a ban? if I wanted to keep myself safe from a ban, I would have filled it back in and never said anything, but I thought that the admins should know. That’s why I left what I broke in that state. That way the others could see that the area was unprotected. I myself got Lilian and told her that I, MYSELF, did enlarge the tunnel. I’m struggling to understand why my actions are being interpreted as malicious intent :confused:

Because breaking a single block is enough to know if something is not protected. Breaking a whole section is quite the contrary.

" if I wanted to keep myself safe from a ban, I would have filled it back in and never said anything"
Or, you could just ask a moderator / admin / Rofle himself to check the grief, /rollback it,
without smashing mass amounts of blocks and opening a ban appeal.
Sandwich, he did know that he should not break the blocks, but still kept on, and destroyed many of
them, too. As I see, there’s no point of doing something that you aren’t allowed when you do know it isn’t.
Your action are considered as “malicious intent” as they really are, you mined where you mustn’t mine
with further knows that you aren’t allowed to.

If I really wanted to grief, why would I have gotten the attention of a higher ranked member on the server and admitted to them that I broke a lot of blocks? If I was asking for them to ban me, then I wouldn’t be here asking for a ban appeal to one of the greatest terraria servers I have ever seen :frowning:

Why did you break a whole area of blocks then? You got the attention after breaking all those blocks not when breaking 1 and then putting it back.

I broke the whole area of blocks because I was not thinking about the consequences of doing such at the time. I was only thinking about the fact that the higher ranked members needed to know about the situation. Why won’t you answer my question though? I would truly appreciate a valid response to it. It feels like you WANT for me to be banned :frowning:

I didn’t answer yours because if I went to a server, griefed someones house and then told a staff member about it, that doesn’t instantly mean I am not guilty of griefing. That does not negate the fact. If you killed someone and then told someone that you did it, that doesn’t make it all right. And yes, we can rollback this stuff, but its thanks to that fact that people who want to grief are made null.

I concede. You have a very valid point, and I can no longer argue my stance with you. I respect your viewpoint on the matter. I only wanted to help, and I obviously made a very stupid mistake in doing so. Is there any thing that I can do to make up for my actions? This is the best terraria server I have ever seen, and I really want to be a part of it as it grows.

Well from the beginning, all you had to do is make it clear that you know you griefed, that you will not do it again and that you have read the rules over. But at this point in time, my job here is over, since ThePunisher will make the decision.

I felt that you should understand my side of the story and my reasoning, but to make it clear to you in case in already haven’t, yes, I do understand the rules more clearly now, as I have read them over. I have no intentions of doing it ever again, and I am very sorry for my actions.

I realize your intentions but almost all the reasons I get to justify grief are lies. Alas, I will stop posting here now.

Popstar said.
I would like that you will read-over the server rules and promise to popstarfreas and I that it wont happen again.
Today I wont be back as I won’t be at home until late at night (I’ll be in 12-14 hours from this message’s time)
so I give popstarfreas the permission to un ban you when / if you will do it.

I am sincerely sorry for my actions and I promise that this will never happen again. Ever.

Do not grief again.
You have been unbanned.