[Accepted] Ban Appeal

1 - Dark-gaming.com/ban2757

2 - Im so sorry i knowed the rules but i havent think to them, im a stupid

3 - Yes, the ban is fair,because i didnt respect the rules and i didnt see to them, i cant write an another server s ip in a server

4 - Please unban me i know i didnt respect the rules but now i will be good, I wont break the rules. Thanks for listen to me


You say about writing another servers ip but the link you posted http://dark-gaming.com/ban/2757 mentions godmode in PvP. Are you sure you put the right thing in for Q1?

No im sure i havent use hacks…but when i enter the server he say darkgaming.com/thread/2757 please help

how can i see my ban number?

Is RixShotBR your in-game name?

no my name in terraria is duccio

What country are you connecting from?


( EU)

Ok I just saw that you posted dark-gaming.com/thread/2757 but your original states dark-gaming.com/ban/2757. These are different.

So by this understanding you were banned automatically for advertising. In this case have you read over the server rules to make sure you understand them? https://dark-gaming.com/thread/dark-gaming-terraria-server-rules.421

No infact for this im so sorry i want to start respect them and pacificly play in that server with other players(i writed it in the first thread)

please unban me

Ok just tell me what rule from that thread you broke (tell me the section and # number). If you get that right then I will unban you.

pleae wait a minute im translating the text

Ok finally, the section is the 1 and the # number is the #10 (advertising). I wont never broke the rules.

You should be unbanned now.

wow thank you :smiley: