[Accepted] ban appeal

im thedarklord and i was banned [Q1] id 3189 and i was banned 4 speed hacks
[Q2] i broke rule 1 section 5 [Q3] i think the ban is fair because it says modified client is
forbitten [Q4] i want yall to unban me because this is my first favorite server because i love free items
and pvping. i loved this server. im sorry 4 hacking would you forgive me???

A ban by the ID of 3989 doesn’t yet exist. Yours is dark-gaming.com/ban/3189

I want you to read the Rules and quote the rule(s) that you broke.


section 5 hacking

Im sorry for breaking your server rules will you forgive me. And Im promise i will never break the rules ever again.


thank you

Funny how quickly you broke your word.

If you plan on appealing once again, perhaps give it some time, to truly think about your actions.