[Accepted] Ban Appeal

Q1 At first I thought it was a connection problem because I have been going on the server with no problems before and playing with all the people there but this time I was stuck on “requesting world information”. It is still stuck on “requesting world info”. I had uninstalled the game and came back since I thought it was a connection problem. Then one time I got past the “requesting world info” (finally, but only happened once) and it said banned forever (I think?) because of changing the text on a sign. And I tried to go back to the message to screenshot it but without avail I am still stuck on “requesting world info”. So I don’t have a ban link. :<

Q2 The closest I have ever gotten to changing a sign (the sign did not change, it was change protected) was that in the item area I saw a sign with the normal description _______ and then some prankster put “penis” at the end. I tried to delete it and it wouldn’t let me because of the change protection. And the second closest was spawning mobs by breaking the sign… So I might have broken the rules unknowingly yes >___>

Q3 I feel like the ban was unfair because I tried to change something that was bad (and i did tell the 40+ people on the server like “someone help me change it, it isn’t supposed to say this” but people ignored me or the chat was moving too fast to read the 10 messages I sent out .-.) and resulting in a sign change ban (?).

Q4 I just want to enjoy the server like I have always done, PVP and killing MOBS but I got banned like this. And I will never touch another sign again (scarred for life, someone else going to have to spawn the mobs now)

Thank you for reading ~~

I’m not sure if this goes in the ban appeal box but if I got banned this would be it. And I am still stuck on the “requesting world information” (technical problems?)

Have you tried to join with a different character or to a different server (Main is 7777, Mirror is 7778 - sometimes one may be offline).

Being stuck at “Requesting world information” and similar texts is quite often since 1.3 update, I’ve experienced it myself, but always managed to join after not more than few tries (only two most of the time)…

If you’re indeed banned, a person who banned should take care of the ban.

Yeah, I have tried with a different character (only had one other to try, you think i should use a whole new one ? ) and tried the 7777 and 7778 and it isn’t offline since I check the Terraria server list (where I found you guys) and still the dreaded “requesting world information” soo >___< and I have no problems connecting to other servers (aurora). Is your ban service “staff ban” or “server ban” ? Is there automatic banning ? So we wait til someone comes and tells us why I was banned huh.

It is true that you were banned. However the reason is rather insignificant, but you are correct that it was to do with editing signs. If such a reason were to be interpreted as grief, then the amount of signs edited would need to amount to more than a few. If the edits included violation of building-related rules about profanity, then the same is to be said.

Furthmore, please read the Server Rules over and assure me that you understand them and I will remove your ban.

Yeah after this incident I created this account and also read the rules. But I have only ever touched one sign (the one that had that sort of language (?) on it. Does creating mobs count as editing a sign ? Since I have tried to spawn the paladins a couple times in succession even though there was a cooldown (which obviously did not work, but I DID try) because other than that I have no reason or purpose in getting myself banned on a server that I had previously enjoyed with editing a bunch of signs … I only touched one sign I swear ! T_T

I’m sorry

You have been unbanned.