[Accepted] Ban Appeal

Q1: I was banned for griefing.
Q2: I was banned yesterday (17th February 2014)
Q3: I have been banned for approximately 26 hours.
Q4: I think it was more or less fair. (because of certain things which I will explain in the detailed part)
Q5: I believe you should un-ban me because I usually make public buildings, help people in general and help people with problems and commands they are having on the server.

Detailed part:
I got onto the server and as soon as I did I went to go continue building my house. When I got there my house had been destroyed and someone else built their house there. Instead of telling an Admin or a Moderator (like the idiot I am) I got frustrated and mined their house out. :frowning: Later on I was on the server and Rofl came and said I had griefed, I said what had happened and then he didn’t ban me but demoted me to member. I am not sure if I had made this application correctly but I hope I have :slight_smile:

Thanks for reading :stuck_out_tongue: (sorry I’m an idiot)

-Donuts (a.k.a Tip on the server)

Well tip, I think you are a valued crew member. Also you did you this correctly. (Rofl is a he btw xD) So I think you should be unbanned.

Thank you :slight_smile: (I’ll edit the “she” out :P)


This application has been Accepted. I know why you did it but it doesn’t really help my case against the person who built over your house if you griefed as well. Just remember to report the grief so I can simply roll it back.

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