[Accepted] Application for "Admin"

Dear Administrators,

I am applying for the “Admin” position.

[Q1] Why would you like to be an “Admin”?

Why I would like to be an “Admin”….. I would like to have this position because I would like to excel in my rank on the Dark-Gaming server and community. The reason for this is because I would also like to have the opportunity, to be able to help people more than I can with my current position. People on the sever have needs, and I want to help them in every way possible. With this position, I can have the commands necessary, so that I can help people with their needs. Also, I would like to have this position because other people of this certain rank are few and far between. I am on this server more than most of the higher staff members. If I am promoted I can bring the powers of an “Admin” to the server more than usual. So, users can have the best experience possible. I want to be able to help people more then I can now. Users deserve to have the satisfaction of having a great time on the Dark-Gaming server. With this position I can ensure that users can have that satisfaction, that they can have that great time. I want this to happen more than anything.

[Q2] At present, what would you rate your effectiveness as a staff member out of 10? (Include your activity, appropriate bans, warnings, positive responses and other related things into account)

I would rate myself at an 8. I admit I am not perfect, but I believe that I have been responsible with my powers. I have tried at every possible moment to be mature and look at both sides of an argument. I would say that I kick, ban, and mute at appropriate times. I follow the regulations of the Dark-Gaming server rules.

[Q3] If another staff member was trolling/annoying someone or a group of people in such a way that could be deemed inappropriate, what would you do?

When somebody has achieved a rank as a staff member, it is unacceptable that you should troll/annoy other users, who do not have the fortune of your position and powers. I would try to persuade them to stop their actions before anything else. If they continue, I would report them to higher staff members so that the incident can be stopped. Like I said it is unacceptable for this to happen between staff and users. After they proceed with the trolling/annoying I would immediately try to persuade them more and give them warnings about what would happen. If they do not heed my warnings I would immediately report them to higher staff members.

[Q4] If you were asked to watch over the server for 5 days, with almost all permissions granted, how would you do it?

I would run the server with all of the maturity and clear headedness that I would with any other position. It doesn’t matter what position you are, you still have to govern and use your powers responsibly. That is how I will govern the server as long as I am enrolled as a staff member. If I had all permissions granted I would use those powers as I have stated. I will use them responsibly and with good judgment.

[Q5] What would you do in the following situation (Include detail as to each point you’d address)? :
2 members and 2 Moderators are arguing. The members claim that both Moderators have been annoying them for reasons which cannot be proven and such have reason to believe that they have done nothing wrong but are still being punished for it. One of the Moderators is telling one of the members to ‘shut up’ and is muting them mid-argument. The other is spewing casual responses such as ‘yea’ and ‘I agree’. Meanwhile the other member is trying to get his point across to no avail. The Moderators claim that these members have been breaking some rules. Including: Using CAPS on one of his messages, swearing at them and griefing. The Moderators say they haven’t yet checked if they’d griefed but some people were reporting them to have.

First of all, I would remind all staff and members to address the problem with a clear head, and with politeness. Then I would investigate what the members were being accused of doing. Then I would address the problem with either they did what they were accused of. Then I would tell the “Moderator who is muting, and not addressing the problem as he should. Then, would check the logs to see if they “Moderator” was right in saying that the user was swearing and using CAPS. After I had checked the logs I would investigate the griefing. Then I would address it if they had grieved using normal format and regulations.

[Q6] Write a short paragraph explaining your experience at Dark Gaming and what you have learnt since you first joined.

I have been on Dark-Gaming for awhile and I have had a fun experience on it. Then, I got interested in  being promoted because I wanted to be able to help people more then just spawning things in for them. I then learnt how to apply correctly. My application had been accepted and now I am a “Moderator”. I have been serving diligently for the allotted amount of time required for “Admin”. I have been on this server and seen many things. People who do not want to accept the rules or regulations. I have seen people who swear, are racist, and are just a nuisance. I have learned that staff members are there so that members can have a care-free experience and have an unimaginably good time on the Dark-Gaming server.  I have also learned that wrong-doings can effect somebody’s  life. Even on a virtual world people, can have a bad experience that can make people never want to get on that certain server again. That is also why we have staff. Also, that is why I want to be an “Admin”, so that I can make people feel safe and put their trust into the server.

I hope that I have persuaded you that I would be an excellent candidate for the “Admin” position.


(Moderator) BoB

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Its too hard for me to give you a +1 for several reasons the main one being I don’t think you have been a mod for long enough. Also a Moderator is meant to help out users I’m not quite sure what commands you are talking about when you say you need them to help people… A reason should not be because you want more commands.

In my opinion an Admin is there to uphold the rules and the Moderators/Helpers are to guide and help users. As well as reprimand any rule breakers…

Regarding the needing more time as a moderator I haven’t seen you act as decisively as I would like as I logged in the other day and you and cheeseman (I think thats his name) were online doing whatever and I sat back and watched a little.

There was a user obviously hacking among obvious complaints of other users nothing was done, I finally mentioned something and then BoB kicked him because apparently he had been using caps lock and swearing excessively earlier. (Not sure why he didn’t deal with it then). Then another 2 minutes later I discovered another user hacking and had to ban him as well… There were two of you online and you didn’t realize nor did you reprimand him until I said something…

Anyways these are my thoughts/feelings towards this… (Oh for Rofl if you read this… does the 2 weeks requirement meaning you were made mod on December 7, then you can apply for admin on December 21?..Or 2 weeks of actual play time… which would make more sense…)

Goodluck I guess.

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I will apply using men laptop

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The main reason you implied was two weeks. I followed the requirements and was a mod for two weeks. Also your explanation with the hacker, I was not there to witness hacking going on and I saw nothing in the chat.

Also the one I kicked was not the hacker it was a person that was using caps excessively

Also the one I kicked was not the hacker it was a person that was using caps excessively

Sorry double post glitch

Also I understand your confusion. No, I do not want more commands. What I ment was that sometimes people wanted a mob spawned. Or maybe a different moon. That is what I ment by the commands.

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still… maybe a little longer? try a month, because you really seem like you want this and i dont really like how your applying etc really quickly. maybe a week after you reach ‘active member’ on the forums

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The person you kicked was indeed hacking, I had to ban them after you kicked them to insure they would not come back… And if you think about it logically just waiting two weeks to apply for a higher rank that some people wait months to get (Ex. Me) really makes no sense…

And still the reasoning of “I want to become admin so mobs can be spawned…” If that is the only reason you can let me know which mobs/aka NPC’s people want most often and Ill make a sign that spawns that current NPC

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Sigh Ok. I’ll take your advice.

Maybe, Just maybe it’ll get accepted though

I just applied now because rofl said that the requirments are the only things that stop somebody from being promoted. So I applied after three weeks.

I mean two

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Bob, you have been one of the nicest people I have met on the server, and you inspired me to stay, as well as help me apply for helper on the forums. Though it may be a little early, I still think you deserve +1.

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Thank you Warsong. You have been very polite and helpful also. Thank you for the positive response again.

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BoB,even you did it early,i still think you deserve +1.

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I think that you have made a good application, and I believe that you have the responsibility and maturity to help make the server enjoyable. I give you a +1

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Well done! Good luck BoB. +1

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Good luck +1

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Great application BoB :slight_smile: +1

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Thanks. All of you for your positive responses!

Yes good job man.


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This application has been assessed by only me seeing as there’s no staff left to assess it because they just +1’d instead (:P).
It has been accepted with a pass of 96%, however, your in-game staff rank will not change until I have reviewed your knowledge of the extensive commands that follows it. They are very dangerous if you use them in the wrong way.