[Accepted] {[(AlucarD)]}'s ban appeal

  1. dark-gaming.com/ban/3529
    2.At first I am not sure because I haven’t seen the rules I dont know where I can see it so I didnt give effort finding it(I know already where I can find the rules after I got banned).And somebody did told me it is illegal I thought he is just afraid so I ignored him and cause nobody replied, only him. And until Quinci Said I can get banned if I dont remove it. And I learned that it is really illegal.
    3.I think its kind of unfair.Because I forgot to remove the illegal items at my safe and piggy bank. But I confess that I did really have intensions of keeping it at the first place when I got warned by a staff. And I also confess that I put some items in the safe/piggy bank? When I got warned. But when he said he is really going to ban me I really want to remove all of my illegal items, but I really forgot the safe and Piggy bank when I got serious at removing my items. And yes it took me long at the first place because I was having second thoughts of keeping it. But I did really became serious at the end.
    4.Because I really like your server especially the Items with automatically equipped with the best prefixes.And I was surprised that this server is really fun and it has a website. And because I just started playing this yesterday I think, because i dont remember but its my first time playing your gamemodes yesterday. And i didn’t even reached a day playing this server.And I am sorry for what I done and I will try not to do it again.Please Forgive me And I will read the rules

(P.S. I voted your server [I just saw a appeal also with this so I putted it also but I really voted]) If I did get unbanned can i have my old items at survival especially my shotgun its my first weapon i started without a weapon.

Unbanned. You appear well intent to experience the server whilst following the rules and now know, in the process of an appeal, that hacked items in survival are against the rules. Survival, since its addition to dark gaming, has always had a consistent issue with hackers everyday, so little to no warnings are given in regards to hacked items. As I believe you will keep in mind, there is little tolerance to hacking; most the staff are sick of dealing with the daily hackers.