[Accepted] ab123iso's ban appeal

[Q1] http://dark-gaming.com/ban/1509
[Q2] No, I was lazy and I decided that I didn’t need to read the rules.
[Q3] It was certainly fair.
[Q4]I would like to begin with an apology, who influenced my questionable actions; I sincerely regret that I edited his creation, and I’m just glad it was not a lasting effect thanks to the efficiency of personnel and the server, and I promise I will never do such a thing again. I understand that my actions were, of course, in violation of the rules, I read them, unfortunately, I am also disturbed them. There is nothing more offensive to me than a show here asking for a pass back to the server. If I can do something else, to prove my innocence, I’ll go to him.

Tell me, which point of the rules you’ve broke?

I spawn meat wall


i spawn the boss in mob arena

The reason is written on your ban page.

Developer’s Patch

Do you know what is it? You have to remove it in order to be unbanned.

i remove the Developer’s armor

ab123iso, the armor is not the problem. You have a modified client that allows you to wear the Dev Armor without any debuffs. You are only to use the Official Terraria Client (that you install from GoG or from steam) without any of these sort of modifications. You need to remove these modifications either your own way, or by installing the game again.

i reinstal game and i have official client from steam

I believe you. When I see you online, you’ll have to prove me that you get rid of the patch, by equipping one of the developers’ items.

Your ban is lifted. Don’t break rules again, follow them.