[Accepted ] 08hdiuygwd976wt913t8's ban appeal

[Q1] http://dark-gaming.com/ban/3766
[Q2] I did break the rules unknowingly because I did not read the server rules (yes that’s a stupid choice) cause I was lazy.
[Q3] I do think my ban was fair and I completely understand why I got banned, it was my fault entirely.
[Q4] I think you should unban me because I will not spam again now that I know the rules I will not break any of the rules ever again and I am sorry for what I did, I was spamming for fun and wasn’t thinking about the consequences at the time not knowing I will get banned. I am sorry.

Appeal accepted. Following the rules is rather simple; act without malice towards others or the server then you’re probably fine. If uncertain, just check the rules. Change your name to something not spammy either, or one that you can feasibly pronounce.