Ability traits

Ability traits

So i have got recently one very cool idea: special upgrades to abilities, that don’t change game much, but make it much more varying.
Those can be chosen by putting “/” after ability (for example: /ability barrage/faulty fire)
So here is the lists of all abilities and traits I thought of so far (notice: only one can be equipped at the same time):


  • Intensive bombardments - doubles ability duration, but also doubles its recharge speed and increases ability penalty by 10%. R2
  • Concentrated firing - instead of firing in multiple lines, always fires at 1 (vertical up), but all rockets have their damage multiplied by amount of original lines. R3
  • Faulty fire - Shoots rockets in random directions instead. Increaces damage of rockets by 10%. R3
  • Reinforced armor - Instead of stopping if took any damage, stops if took damage and player has less then half of max hp. Increases ability penalty by 20%. R4
  • Enhanced fire - Increases damage dealt and price penalty by 20%. R1

Dual Wield

  • Direct fire - shoots second projectile on same angle as first was shot. Increases price penalty by 25%. R4
  • Quad - shoots 4 projectiles now instead. At WW shoots them at angles 0, 20, 340, 180; at SS 0, 160, 200, 180 and at SW makes angles 0, 90, 180, 270. Increases ability penalty by 50%. R5
  • Moonwalk - makes additional projectile deal 200% dmg, in cost of original doing only 50% and +10% ability penaltyю. R5
  • Addition - makes original projectile deal 200% dmg, in cost of additional doing only 50% and +20% ability penalty. R4

no traits for guardian cuz guardian is trash in its current form


  • Long ritual - increases amount of hp needed for an upgrade, increases amount of max hp given and increases ability penalty by 10%. R1
  • Discharge - if round ended before upgrade was done, instantly gives off max hp following this formula (current hp collected/all hp needed) * what it should give off at the end * 0,75. Reduces radius by 2 blocks and heals teammates 3 times rarer. R4
  • Ancestor ritual - has to collect hp from mobs intead. Can collect only from up to 1 + ability level * 2 primary mobs. R5
  • Revenge - gives damage buffs when max hp up. Increases ability penalty by 15%. R3
  • Cyborg - heals all sentries and guardians, reduces max hp up by 25%. R3


  • Scary - tp’s you home after any hit. R1
  • Confidence - only teleports you when you take fatal hit. Reduces ability penalty by 5%. R1
  • Refugee - Gets Panic!, Swiftness, Featherfall buffs when effect triggered. Increases ability penalty by 15%. R3
  • Combatant - Gets different combat buffs after triggering the effect. R3

Time warp

  • Restart - instead of stop time, when used, memorises positions of all players (and their scores) and NPCs and puts them back after few seconds. R5
  • Aggresive return - after time warp, gets some combat buffs. R4
  • Recall - Instead of time warp, after usage, memorises position, and puts player back when they trigger ability again. R5


  • Unbalanced upgrades - increases height and dash at starter level, but stops upgrading those after 3rd upgrade (round 9 by default), increases ability penalty by 25%. R4
  • Distant force - dashes and jumps also work on nearby mobs, getting weaker with distance. Increases ability penalty by 10%. R3
  • Collision damage - damages all mobs after ss or ww. Damage = ability level (starting at 1)^2 * 10). Increases ability penalty by 20%. Obtained at DTP level 80
  • Phase - gets immunity frames while dashing or jumping, but also gets cursed debuff for double duration of that. R5
  • Kickstart - after triggering ability, gains combat buffs. Duration of those buff are same as cooldown. Increases ability penalty by 10%. R4


  • Happy wishes - doubles weight of revival, heal and heal faster wishes, increases ability penalty by 20%. R3
  • Fury wishes - doubles weight of more max hp and damage wishes, increases ability penalty by 20%. R3
  • Depressed wishes - doubles weight of pain, death and kill wishes, reduces ability penalty to 5%. R3
  • Masochistic wishes - doubles weight of suffering, removal armor and weapon wishes, removes ability penalty. R3


  • Midas - gains more money from mobs (10-50%), instead of buffs, depending on distance from target, increases ability penalty by 15%. R4
  • Valiance - heals teammates (8 blocks radius) when close to mobs (player max hp * 0.01 * distance), but takes twice as much damage. Bought from shop for 20k DP

no reverent or vampirism abils cuz i never even saw them in action

Last one, sentries. They are different, because each sentry can have its trait. You can save up to 5 sentry trait loadouts and then select them instead of traits.


  • Machine gun - has chain gun instead of minishark to both increase scatter and ut. R1
  • Ultimate - ut x2; has an orichalcum armor. R3
  • Powerful - ut x0.9, detection radius and -ss x1.2; increases upgrade and placement cost by 15%. R1
  • Improved survivability - health x1.1; has constant regeneration buff, increases upgrade and placement cost by 15%. R1


  • High priority - doesnt shoot primary mobs, damage x1.1, increases upgrade cost by 25%. R4
  • Bounty - Each snipe sets bounty on random target. It will proiritise that target over anything. If target killed not by specific snipe, nothing happens. If it is killed by snipe, deposits in closest bank max(sqrt(bank amount)*snipe tier;1000*(snipe tier)^2). If no bank is nearby, counts player as bank. Each shot costs 10 * snipe tier, if player doesnt have that money, takes it from bank. Doesnt shoot when no payment. Obtained at DTP level 125
  • Combo - changes thing entirely, now it has -ut 3 -ua 3; and gets 1 bullet every 5 - snipe tier * 0.2 seconds, capped at 3 bullets. Bought from shop for 10k DP
  • Powerful - damage x1.2; increases upgrade and placement cost by 15%. R1
  • Improved survivability - health x+T*20; has constant regeneration buff, increases upgrade and placement cost by 15%. R1


  • Quick resupply - reduces duration and cooldown of buffs by 2 times. Increases placement cost by 10%. R2
  • Burn - changes sets of debuffs to different fires (collects money for each mob that got debuff, duration * dps * 0.5). Increases placement and upgrade costs by 25%. R4
  • Powerful - radius x1.5; increases upgrade and placement cost by 15%. R1
  • Improved survivability - health x1.1; has constant regeneration buff, increases upgrade and placement cost by 15%. R1


  • Enhanced shots - -ss x2; radius x+T, increases placement and upgrade costs by 15%. R2
  • Cheap rockets - damage x0.8; kb x0.5; decreases placement and upgrade costs by 25%. R3
  • Powerful - damage x1.1; radius x+T; increases upgrade and placement cost by 15%. R1
  • Improved survivability - health x1.1; has constant regeneration buff, increases upgrade and placement cost by 15%. R1


  • Auto-investments - automaticaly puts interest back in, interest rate = 50%; increases placement costs by 100%. R3
  • Tax collector - doubles amount of money gained from other sentries damaging mobs, but interest rate = 20%. R3
  • Foreign investors - interest rate = 20%, but gets same amount of score as interested from other players’ banks in a range. Bought from shop for 25k DP
  • Simplified interest - interests via WW `max(current player score/2;10000). R2
  • Legacy bank - bank works like before they were updated. N/A
  • Powerful - interest = 40%; radius x+T*2; gets only 80% of money that was interested via WW. R1
  • Improved survivability - health x1.1; has constant regeneration buff, interest = 25%. R1


  • Engineering qualification - allows player to repair by standing close to it, but increases cooldown of repair by 3 times. R4
  • All-purpose - repair now repairs all sentries and guardians, but max hp x0.7; max heal rate 80 * T(repair) / T(targeted sentry)
  • Restoring - after having less 20% hp, goes into restore mode, when it doesn’t heal anything. After healing to full, it has 20 seconds before it activates again. R2
  • Preventer - doesnt heal sentries normally. Instead, whenever sentry takes fatal damage, it gets fully restored, and repair sentry has 5 seconds cooldown. R4
  • Powerful - restore cooldown x0.8; radius x+T; increases upgrade and placement cost by 15%. R1
  • Improved survivability - health x1.1; has constant regeneration buff, increases upgrade and placement cost by 15%. R1


  • Constant pressure - after tank gets 30 hits in a row, it gets endurance and ironskin buffs. However, all its armor and accs upgrades are delayed by 2 tiers. R3
  • Titanium - gets titanium armor at t8 (and keeps it after t12). Reduces upgrade prices by (T + 10)^2. R2
  • Wall - has perma endurance and ironskin buffs, however, ut x3. R2
  • Powerful - health x1.2; ut and ua x0.7 increases upgrade and placement cost by 20%. R1
  • Improved survivability - health x1.1; has constant regeneration and rapid healing buff, increases upgrade and placement cost by 20%. R1

Ways to obtain these
R1 - Always aviable
R2 - 10% from T1 lootbox, 20% from T2
R3 - 10% from T2 lootbox, 25% from T3
R4 - 20% from T3 lootbox
R5 - Only from events
and some have unique obtainment methods
(notice: there is x% chance of trait obtained from lootbox, after that, all unlockable traits with same kind of rarity have equal chance of being dropped)
(this is made assuming that there are 3 tiers of lootboxes that canbe obtained via lvl up, no rewards for vote lootboxes)

Your thoughts on idea (results reset lmaoo)
  • Positive
  • Negative

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tomorrow i will add obtainment ways, it is midnight for me, gn


would these traits be like modifications, or upgrades? like is there an advantage to using one, or does it just change it a bit?

nice idea, prob the best ability idea in a long time


It is a modification, it gives something positive to you, in some sort of cost


this would be slightly overpowered, because 55% is 55%

iirc(and this goes for nade and snipe too), the hp currently doesn’t scale by upgrade, so hb put the hp at 2x so the snipes can survive one capitan hit? since atm they sometimes get oneshotted by both snipers and capitans, and mobs onwards, but that’s atm what i think

i don’t anyone who is sane would go for that, since you only get interest from damaging mobs by sentries, at rate which you upgrade, but interest rate stays at 30% iirc, unless ofc i am wrong, it would be pprobbly worth it on for example Snow Ruins hc for testing how much you can farm, but last time i tried, i had barely 102k after round 5 boss was killed on Unholy, so yeah… it’s way less than 300k i got on round 5 on snow ruins, yes i understand that i might’ve not known how to farm the best back then, but i do believe that that one wouldn’t work out, ofc unless i am wrong, and i hope you will not bring back old bugs

that i am 70% sure is useless bc banks almost never die before players and tank is dead, but ig if others get survival option, why not

paired with other traits from other players or if they deposit enough this could turn out to be incredibly broken, but that time will show

i was thinking about this for a bit, but yeah that would be kinda broken too, and you should increase upgrade cost too, not only placement cost, or maybe not change placement cost at all, but only upgrade cost

that could be added after t6 or t8

i assume that you mean that the inventories stay the same, only the scores, positions and hp is reverted?

lmfao, it still could have some, but i won’t write paragraph yet, i need to crystalize my ideas, but for example it could gain score but the ability penalty could be increased

they are still quite aggressively homing, so that’s mini=or issue, but fair enough

also overall i partly disagree on price penalties, they are a bit too high considering that on some abilities you suggest not that big of an upgrade, and we do start with 25% price penalty, so yeah, i still need to decide which penalties i mean atm, but yeah

well that’d be my thoughts for now.


yes but it is much more coslty to blace it back now

use preventer repair then. Okay, fine, i will quickly buff it

maybe rework it so it is actually viable, but base is like before an update

it is just a fun addition that exists on any other sentry

yep, all of this needs playtests

it has increased upgrade cost

nah, we dont have much mobs to pierce on t6-

yep, exactly

that needs some testing, and it is not like all abilities are extremely balanced rn


fair enough, thx

ah understood

fair lol

hmm… i saw only placement cost, but maybe i missed sthing

oh ok fair

i agree, you def are right, if we would change penalites then it would make sense to balance other abilities more

in conclusion, hope your idea gets at least taken into consideration!