Ability sentry ideas

I’ve been using the sentry ability for many times now, and i noticed it doesn’t seem well good in late game, not only that but also players with the same ability aren’t supporting each other sentries, adding teamwork with other players with ability sentries could buff the ability. i hope this idea is ok

-able to upgrade other players sentries
-other player’s attacking sentries can add points in the bank of other’s sentries
-repair sentry can repair other players sentries
-emitter senty’s confuse debuff won’t be inflicted if the other emitter sentries already inflicted the debuff, and then the debuff will inflicted afterwards.
-ofcourse other players aren’t able to move other player’s sentry if the sentry is not theirs, there might be irresponsible players that would try to move other’s sentries, also when moving sentries if that player moving your all of your sentries dies, oof.

there’s also a problem when summoning sentries
,when summoning two sentries in one spot, it’s hard to upgrade the other one. i know i could just move the other one from somewhere else and upgrade it but it’s hard to upgrade and move every sentry because of lag especially when most teammates are summoners, it’s hard to summon and upgrade because the joystick delays, or add an adjustment where summoning sentries at the same spot add few blocks apart from each other.

I’ve seen a command on the gamemode in battle which is the “/upgradeall” but i don’t know if it’s for the sentry ability or the chest upgrades.

most of the time i don’t upgrade hp, armor, and weapons, since summoning and upgrading sentries consumes points or I’m just lazy. so mostly an instant kill to my character in the late game.

The command only applies to chest upgrades, it doesn’t affect sentry

this would make it too easy, since you could just place down two emitters and it’s guaranteed the enemies will be debuffed most of the time

this will have an unintended consequence. I’ll keep it short and simple but when a sentry hits a mob and it goes into the bank, the score is being stolen off the sentry rather than coming out of thin air. So, in other words, if we allowed this, you could spam a bunch of bank sentries and steal other people’s score


i was hoping to support each others bank, the upgrading others sentry part, the bank is excluded then


when it comes to emitter sentry, i don’t know how much enemies that it can inflict the debuff and the cooldown of that sentry debuff, i thought it’s capabilities of inflicting that debuff is limited, and the enemies in each waves get more and more so.


seems like my idea was not good then.


I dont think it was that bad, I didn’t talk about these two points:

I think they have potential


support sentry sounds neat imo


mess. Some people might stack sentries in tight place, but still have control over them

u mean bank stealing? Maybe person dont wanna their points stolen from other person.

combine my previous 2

this can ruin some farms

u suggesting that all people can move all sentries? check reply 1

this will just make ability worse and unenjoyable

its not. u can upgrade only closest to you sentry. just make small difference between their position and all problems solved

only for life and mana chests

your guilty tbh, take shaman with you


well, i didnt see Durtle’s replies so i just told my opinion


I’m pretty sure what you’re quoting here is them saying they’re against being able to move other peoples’ sentries.

I’m also pretty sure this isn’t a suggested change, this is them saying that “[players should not be able to move each others’ sentries because] imagine if someone carrying your sentries died, oof”

That’s not really their problem; they went sentry, they can’t just make someone else be Shaman let alone a good Shaman, especially in random lobbies.

However, I have my own point to make against their argument (or complaint? whatever it is): as a Sentry user, shouldn’t you be hanging out in the back letting a Tank do the work, or letting Miniguns or Snipers mow down approaching hordes or having Emitters scare stuff off? The whole point of Sentry is that yes, you’re very frail and you’ll die in one hit, yes, you’re very weak and deal no damage, but you aren’t meant to be on the frontlines because you have a network of incredibly strong upgradeable sentries to do all the work for you. On a map where Sentry is somewhat viable, this should not be a problem, Shaman or not.


basically not stealing since bank sentries capability is to get points when an attacking sentry attack Enemies, which adds additional points ingame that you can get

  • earnings points that applies for bank sentry, basically gaining points that is for the bank, or other currency for the bank sentry other than the points that the player gets ingame.
  • bank sentries that are like players that get their own points from their own kind(sentries that is, not the players), so when a other player places their bank sentry near your attacking sentry, supporting them for the bank to get points, aswell as your own. since sentry ability falls off in late game, would that make a fair adjustment, and the gamemode (zombiemode) itself is to survive and thrive with other players.

its called bank stealing


It seems I can’t convince you then, bank stealing then i guess.