Ability idea : Zombie

The gimick of Zombie is that for every round you are able to get revived three times without assistence of other players however this comes at a price, if you die without a respawn u will need to wait for the round to end, this dosent come at a disadvantage tho because everytime you die you gain a damage buff that lasts 2 minutes and becomes stronger the more you die

1 death = 2 minute buff 10% damage buff,
2 deaths = 3 minute buff 15% damage buff,
3 deaths = 4 minute buff 15% buff + Lifeforce Potion buff

This ability comes to a 1.2 price increase

good concept, but i think it needs to be nerfed. also id say [reviving yourself=more lives, like in hardcore mode]


Lets say for the sake of hardcore we just remove the ability to buy lifes so that the Zombie ability kicks in and gives you 3 lives you can use each round to revive urself


sounds good. Iā€™d replace Lifeforce with withered armor though. The more you die, the stronger you get, but also the more fragile/slower you become


Ight so for the 2nd death add ichor buff and for the 3rd death add lil higher damage buff and then ad withered armor so the 3rd death isnt just the 2nd death but with a worse buff and same reward