Ability idea : exploit

Ability name: exploit

Description: exploit is a ability that dosent seem to add a penalty at first but gives every weapon u buy with ur score a 1 stat change and also changes the color of the weapon ur holding to further explain the buggines, may it be positive or negative like a damage change that makes the weapon that originally had 100 damage only do 56 now or 244 or a use time change so that the weapon that fires very fast goes even faster! Or slower… all rng

Difference for each weapon:

Normal weapons: normal stat change no projectile can be added as no number can be rerolled

Weapons that have a built in projectile can get their projectile rerolled if that happens to occur with the 1 reroll

Ammos only stats that can be rerolled is damage and projectile id

Also only roll numbers from 0 to 255 cuz limitations
Other then projectiles cuz 3/4 of the projectiles would be gone and that would just ruin the fun

Idk if this ability is busted enough that its gonna be meta or trash but hey suggesting cant hurt someone

For my opinion it woudnt be busted or trash, just a mix of both and it relies purely on chance. You might buy a weapon with a score of 50000 and get a 2× dmg stat that would be worth the ability but at the same time it would be nerve wracking to know that you can get a negative stat on a expensive weapon ex: a weapon score of 675000 and get a negative stat which would be pretty heart wrenching but at the same time “you got into this mess better embrace it” xD

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no you can’t have your own upgrade path; that complicates things

can you elaborate on projectile reroll? is it unbounded in the sense a bullet can suddenly shoot arrows or shadowbeam lasers?

also, how do you trigger rerolls? does it trigger automatically or?..

does this apply to projectiles? because there’s more projectiles than 255 so 3/4th’s of Terraria’s projectiles become useless. Also, if the reroll limit is 255, then in late-game this ability would become useless

Overall, I’d say this ability is unique and not half bad


The ability takes effect when u buy a weapon as to change a stat whenever u want would make it insta meta cuz a bad reroll just get a better one

The projectile can be anything meaning if u buy meteor bullets as example it could be like a terra blade projectile or a luminite bullet cuz random is the gimick of this ability

Also i shouldve added that the 255 limit dosent add to projectiles im gonna edit that rn


dont reroll projectile

most of weaps are projectile-only
this can cause bugs


so all weapons just get one reroll now?

also, the other thing is damage. some weapons deal more than 255 damage and this ability would always nerf them


what about 40 percent to 250 percent of damage?


Still 255 is a great limit cuz getting the actuall 255 damage would be very hard since its a call of 1 out of 255 also 1 reroll per weapon bought cuz as i said if u had the ability to reroll whenever u want it would be instant meta also doing something like pressing ss on keyboard could accidentally be done and someones great weapon they had could just be shit cuz of a missclick


Re-rolling could always be done for a point price. If it could take into account the original price of the weapon and scale accordingly the more you re-roll, I believe it would be enough of a “deterrent” at pretty much every stage of the game. You could always get enough points to re-roll the stats of your current weapon again, but there’s no guarantee that it would be better than saving up for the next weapon would.

In that sense, depending on your luck, re-rolling could shove you down a rabbit hole if you constantly get bad results. Similarly, by the time you get good/satisfactory results you could’ve already progressed further down the weapon tiers and made all the re-rolling obsolete. Of course, there are also times it could make progression completely obsolete if you get a good roll and there’s no limits placed for each stage of the game.

If things were to be like this, I could see it being a “high risk high reward ability”, but not in the completely standard sense. The high risk would be choosing an ability you don’t use at all for the early stages of the game. However, the high reward would be reaching the end of weapon progression with an excessive amount of points to splurge, resulting in it being very good at further boosting your final weapon(s). That’s only true if the limit of 1-255 damage means adding 1-255 damage to the weapons damage though, and not outright being limited to 255 max. That would strictly nerf things starting with greater damage than that.

It’s pretty hard to press S and W at the same time, which is an option if we’re talking triggers for the re-rolls.


I think SW would work better than S+W, since you can’t do the latter on mobile.


What’s the difference? Is the former rapidly going between the two of them? If that’s the case then yeah, cause I meant holding one and then pressing the other so it’d make sense if they couldn’t do that.


why is noone talking about the fact that it should be 40%-250% dmg instead of 1-255?
(e.g. : 100 dmg weapon can do 40-250)


I didn’t even see your message


yeah I agree, buffing by percentage would be better.


Imo the range of the scaling should be greatly reduced, considering the gaps between weapons on some maps and how this ability could thus literally make or break a run just because you happened to get lucky on a crucial weapon and spontaneously place yourself like 5 or 6 rounds ahead of your peers, as well as considering how the ability can’t be manipulated or controlled in any way, making it less of a game of considering the odds and how you can turn them in your favour and more of a game of press button, see results.