A warning for the Revival Penalty

For the harsh score penalty for failing to revive a teammate, it’s unfair that a player is given no warning of how many teammates are dead or how much score they will lose at any point during the wave. To fix this, there should be a warning in the chat when a wave is nearly over (90% of enemies are defeated? Some point where players have a fair amount of time to react) that says

“The wave is nearly over. Revive [Dead player names], or you will lose [amount of score lost] score.” in red text or some other color that stands out in the chat, and it could be shortened to “The wave is nearly over” or absent altogether if all players are alive.

This would make it much harder for a team to mow through a wave of enemies, only to lose all their score because they didn’t notice that they had dead teammates.

It would be nice to have popup text accompanying the chat message for those on mobile because of clutter, as well as those on PC that may not focus on chat as much while playing.

Should that be considered, it would have to be shortened so as to not take up too much space- something like “I should revive the others…”