A Trading Website item suggestion 📦

Special slots are quite costly to upgrade and are used for many different things. I suggest that there should be a new item to compensate this issue called “Bundle”.

Bundles can hold a certain amount of items that go in the special slot of the same type. When a bundle is put in a special slot, all items that are in the bundle get activated.

For example: A bundle that has a RoD cmd, a /permabuff cmd, and a /greet cmd
Or a bundle that has the Parka vanity set.

Maybe bundles of different capacities can be sold on the shop area depending on the user’s level.

How this could work:
Level 15 unlocks the basic bundle (2 item capacity), and every time the user gets 40 more levels the bundle that is currently being sold is replaced with a bundle with 1 more item capacity.

A player can only have one bundle in their inventory. If a bundle with items in it is being traded, the player that receives the bundle will receive the items inside the bundle and not the bundle itself (even if the player that receives the bundle doesn’t have one).

Concerning all functional Cmds, there aren’t many that you’d want equipped all the time nowadays, and most of them are essentially one-time use. I don’t entirely see the point of bundling them together.

However, I do think vanity sets should be bundled since they take up so much space.

If bundles were to be implemented, how much would they cost?
Will it undercut Special Slots?


Bundles could be costly (I’m thinking about 3000 DP for a bundle), and there are certain cmds that I think can be paired.

Probably, unless I make the basic bundle be unlocked on a higher level.

/greet and /setname cmds could be bundled with cmds like RoD since they are cosmetic (though /greet isn’t working afaik).


I mean, it is not much of a hassle to switch out cosmetic Cmds for a bit.
Although, I guess in that regard, having bundles for them is just QoL - which is the point of having bundles in the first place.

If there is one hurdle you have to overcome, it has to be this:

Perhaps you can only have a limited amount of Bundles or special Bundles for certain items?
(But that would virtually make them upgrades.)


I wouldn’t want to go to DTP to switch my RoD for a /greet whenever I’m switching dimensions.

I forgot to mention this: you can only have a single bundle regardless of it’s level.