A Message From The Helper Managment

Hello helpers, applicants and future applicants for
Helper role position.

As if you all know or not, the work of the testing went slower due to several items,
the school, inactivity of Chenaley and other stuff.
Right now, I am the only Helper Manager who’s active, so eventually,
all the work comes to my hands.

So, what’s the message?
Right now, I’m looking for 1 more Helper Manager who could help me with the testings.
And what is the “profile” of the future Helper Manager (H.M.) ?
I’m looking for staff ranked member, probably a moderator / Admin to help me,
but as you know, lots aren’t online (Except of Connor, Rofle and Box) and they got life,
and other roles in the server except of having more “work” to do.
So, we are only left with Helpers, am I right?
Well, the help I’m looking for is from a highly experienced helper, that knows the
idea of testing and how to conduct them, that will work as side help to me,
probably for not long.
The only things I would like to know are :

How would you rate yourself as a Helper? (1-10 ladder)
How long have you been a helper?
Why do you think I should allow you?

It won’t be all done by me, but be discussed with RubberDuckyFoxtrot as he will help me choose,
due to his experience as a H.M. and Administation on the server.

I nominate lily!
Also I would LOVE to help manage helpers, I have been banned for various reasons and I know what to and not to look for in a helper. If I would to rate myself as a helper It would be around 8.6 - 9.1 of course because of the ban that gives you a reason NOT to pick me but I’ll leave that up to you.

While I won’t be active untill Monday I am still on the website frequently and I don’t think I’ve gonna day without checking in the server for at least an hour.

Alright, I’ll go for it. It’ll be nice to be able to help in a larger role for dark-gaming.

1. How would you rate yourself as a Helper? (1-10 ladder)
I’ll give myself an eight, or a nine. Helping people makes me happy, so I do it as often as I can- I’m sure you’ve seen me saying “If anyone needs anything, feel free to ask me~” on the server if nobody’s been asking for anything in a while. It’s also extremely rare for me to blunder- the last erroneous help I gave was during my second Helper test, when I said that Spectral armor was the best mage armor. Spectral armor is for the console only; for the PC, the best mage armor is Spectre. While this is all great, however, I can’t give myself a perfect score. There are certainly times, every day, when I multi-task. This makes me take a little longer to reply to messages, thereby hurting my helping ability.

How long have you been a helper?
Officially, not for very long. In terms of dark-gaming days (One hour of in-game time = one day), I’ve been a Helper for probably three weeks, maybe a month. In terms of Earth days, it’s only been about 3 to 4 days. However, I do have prior experience with this sort of position, having served as a ‘Vet’ for r2games, which is essentially the same role as our Helper.

Why do you think I should allow you?
I believe anybody you asked would say that I am fitting for this position. Not only am I a good Helper, but I’m a good leader. I understand how these tests are run, and can think of several different situations that I could test with. Instead of doing the same test over and over again, they would be different each time. All of my experiences and my wide skillset would make me a valuable asset to the server wherever I go, and in this position, I would be able to help the Helpers- I would be able to show them what their issues are and how to fix them, and ultimately, help decide if they are worthy of the position. Finally, the main problem you’re facing- availability. I’m online whenever I can, for as long as I can. Occasionally, things will pop up, but I will always get at least a couple hours in per day. The top days I can have about eight to ten hours.

I’m sorry for making this relatively long, it just feels weird to write shorter responses to questions in an interview or an application. Thank you for reading, and good luck finding the right fit.


FURTHER MORE, I’m very very active and that’s somthing I noticed that punisher has been lacking as of recently. So even if I could be a ‘assistant of helper managers’ I would do my job well.

I also don’t want to let what happened to me with me happen to anyone else. I want to help make the correct and logical decision. Any help I can give towards the server I would be glad to do!

[quote=ThePunisher]went slower due to several items,
Chenaley’s ban[/quote]

Ehem, he was banned for something his brother did? (Same IPs)

Yea that was my reaction too rofle. Why did Chen get banned? I know tip resigned due to inactivity but chen?

That was in February; he wasn’t even a staff member then.

wtf was it bumped for?
editing the post.

If others can suggest people that would make a proper Helper Managers then I would suggest MrSandwich. I’m sure everyone on the server has seen him at least 5 times.

Why don’t you make a special role for Helper Managers? So they don’t do everything a normal staff member does giving them more time to test players.

How would you rate yourself as a Helper? (1-10 ladder)
I’d rate myself a 8 or so, for I’m not as active as some Helpers but when I am on, people who need help are helped, so -2 for not as active. Though I am pretty active, just not allowed to be on as much as some.

How long have you been a Helper?
I have been Helper ever since the first of April.

Why do you think I should allow you?
I have been Helper for a very long time, so I have plenty of experience, and I think I would be good at Helper manager because I am good at playing with “personas” so my additude is very different when I am imitating someone so if I’m testing someone who knows me well, they won’t know it’s me by additude. I understand how the testing Helper system goes, and am sure I would be able to be on enough to be a valuable Helper Manager. I am also quite friendly, so that would help if the person I’m testing is shy or something.

[quote=Briannamoran7]Why don’t you make a special role for Helper Managers?[/quote]Well they kind of do have one but its an Administrative Role. That’s the point of an Administrative Role, it comes first, then Moderation, then Helping. Except there’s no Administrators that are active who have taken this role, so ThePunisher, as the next-best thing, was elected for this position as a Moderator.

Lol. ThePunisher is a thing! :stuck_out_tongue:

This is kinda a bump, and kinda a question. When will it be revealed who the next manager/assistant of helpers is??

This is kinda a bump, and kinda a question. When will it be revealed who the next manager/assistant of helpers is??

Once RDF will send me his final suggestion then it will be announced.

Yup, I’m ready. Same person ThePunisher.

our next Helper Manager, who will work aside to me would be
Damion! (Applause).
Congrats, I will talk with you tomorrow about arrangements for your new role.

If you need any tips/help consult and pm me or Punisher. Congratulations.