A little complaint

I am not sure if I should post this here, but I’m going to do so anyway.
I know Rofle is oftenly busy with DG stuff or maybe just chilling when he’s got the time, but I constantly called for him to fill and cut blocks and walls with his admin commands for like 3 days now. I could have literally finished the Moon Lord Arena TODAY if I would’ve got his help; well, seems like it’s a nope. I think you should turn on your notifications -if you haven’t already- , Rofle, or at least have Phase closed if you aren’t even checking on it after getting pinged like 5 times a minute. It would be easier to understand if you can talk or help others or not.

Also, sorry if I was being annoying when constantly pinging you, Rofle, but it was serious stuff.

Ok now, why did Rofle come in PvE, stayed afk for half an hour, then left? Seriously, Rofle, this isn’t funny… It’s stuff for DG :v

I wasn’t AFK. I went in PvE and waited for you tell me what you needed since you neglected to explain it before. After two times of you not saying anything I left for good.

Lol I’m sure I told you what I needed (still need) in some of the pings… But probably you haven’t seen them. But why didn’t you ask me what I wanted? I actually thought you were doing something first then help me, or you could’ve just teleported to me, as a sign that you are alive, I guess…
Well, I’m sorry for the misunderstanding, hopefully we can come to an understanding and finish the arena today.

I agree. I’ve helped out vic a bit and it’s stuff that needs WE commands as the arena is really good and he’s working hard on stuff that can be completed in seconds with admin commands.

I didn’t do anything because I was trying to multi-task. While I was busy with something else I was waiting for you to instruct me on what you needed and checking back periodically to see if you had said anything.

Ah, I see.