A list of my current 'projects'

So I decided to make a list of all the things I am working on, Here is why
1 - I don’t want to risk losing my rank of helper just because I have other things I need to get out of the way
2 - I have been a little bit rude, blunt and rather quick to respond, So I’m making this too show that I am not getting as much sleep as I should be (sorry to everyone that I HAVE been rude too)
3 - Also I am making this list to show the people, whom I’m making builds for, when their things will be worked on and or completed

*** In Game ***

#1 - 3v3 Event
- This is one of my bigger priorities, as I am taking part in this, and I am hosting this, if there is 2 full teams online, this will be the first
thing I need to get done, especially since everyone has different time zones.

#2 - Pixel Art Requests
- I don’t know or care what everyone else thinks; I value others before myself. That means that I need to finish Renald’s, then Mocab’s
Pixel art. Renald’s is getting close to the 50% mark, but I have yet to start Mocab’s. If you would be so kind as to give a me a location

#3 - Connor and Liliy’s events
- Since I have found joy and entertainment in building, PvPing, and many other things regarding Terraria, I have entered nearly every
event that is active as of right now, I will probably be practicing this frequently.

#4 - The Arena
- Almost everyone on the server knows of the PvP arena in spawn, but not everyone knows what is going on with it. to put it simply
Slayer, Lily, and I have made the current PvP arena in use. ThePunisher, Connor, and Seraph created the old one that many have
‘grown up’ in. It’s sorta like a competiton, whatever arena Rofle prefers, wins and gets to keep it there. ( and maybe edit it if I am
correct )

#5 - Custom Building/Pixel Art
- I still do have a ton of unfinished Pixel Art and buildings. I recently found an interest with building houses and such, so I have a few
things I wish to make. If anyone wants me to build anything for them, please make a request stating the following information ( a
few lines down )

#6 - Moderator Application/Training
- Since I have been a Helper for a while, I’ve been considering making a Moderator application in the near future.
I do have a few things I need to work on for this though, including, Training, the 3v3 Event, other events, I also wish to wait for
a bit of news on Lilian’s app as well, and finally, I wish to finish the majoritie of the other things listed on this thread.

         [b] -*-*- Requirements/Format for Pixel Art Requests -*-*- [/b] 
            - IGN
            - Location (GPS)
            - What you wish for me to make (must be appropriate) 
            - Reason why you want this (Don't give me an essay, just a small paragraph)
            - What you wish to 'name' it (Optional)

*** Real Life *** (gonna be brief, don’t want to give out TOO much info)

#1 - School
- School comes first! Education is necesary for a good and wealthy life, so I want to attempt to keep up my grades.

#2 - Fish Tank
- A few people know of this, but I have my own personal fish tank, and It’s mine alone, I need to clean it regularly, feed the fish,
change the water, clean the filter, wash the tank walls, and purchase and maintain my current fish. A lot of work.

#3 - We Day
- This is an event that our entire class in our school will be taking part in on Monday, IT takes place in Calgary, and to put it simply, is
a giant meeting of famous people and stuff. It’s hard to explain. For more info, visit this link: http://www.weday.com/
(I’m pretty sure it is a Canadian event)

#4 - Chores and other stufff
- Like most people around my age, I have to do chores and such. A few of them are things that I usually do later at night as well

   I appolagize for not Helping as much as I should be, I will still try to help when I get the chance, but for now this list comes first


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Thank you for informing us about the oncoming events irl and on the server.

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