7783posvon is not taking any damage

The player named in the title of the thread wasn’t taking any damage from any boss that was spawned
while standing there few minutes.
Thanks to Terrance for bringing it up.
Here are the pictures:


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I’d like to take this time to note that if you can, use the img tag for screenshots. Simply visit each of the links you posted, right-click the image and (depending on browser, should be similar) click “copy image location” and then paste that in-between [notag][/notag]. That would make viewing them much easier.

It might be possible the guy standing there was lagged-out. Did you see him leave after a while after just standing there? Did he move at all and shoot the bosses? The movements portrayed by the user is important in knowing the difference between lag and a hacked client.


He havnt shot any boss, just standing there for around 30 minutes, so it will be not smart to waste your time in that way,
and I also saw him moving every few minutes by weird ways, I couldn’t see him flying or walking while he was practically moving in the arena.

Well, he came in right now, and took 2 pics. the 1st is a second before a Destroyer’s attack and the 2nd
is right away after it hit the player.

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