2nd house protection

Hi Guys,

Can I request to have my Trap House be protected as it is too big (as of now, I protected it using multiple house set points), and as well ask if it’s possible to have the traps i.e boulders and traps reset automatically, that way everyone can play it with it’s best difficulty.

I hope I’m not pushing my luck as well, I’d like to ask if it’s also possible to have my place linked to the spawn points like a portal, so newcomers can try it out as well.

Thank you and may more play this server.

Best Regards,

Edit: I’m referring to the house were once you’ve finished it, there’s some neat fireworks :stuck_out_tongue:


They might not let you keep the traps in :frowning: sad face. I put traps in mine to find that 2 days later the timer was gone and I suppose it was a way of saying : turn the traps off! It’s annoying…:frowning: I was sad when I found it

I think there is actually a rule against timer spamming, cause I remember Rofle removing some timers in that house because of timer spam, I’m not 100% sure though so contact Rofle (popstarfreas) about it.

There’s only 1 timer, and most of the traps are set up by an alternative “crab activated mechanism.”